What To Do When Things Falls Apart

This is something I haven't shared a ton about publically but about a year and a half ago it would have seemed we’d lost everything. Mike and I know intimately how it feels when everything is falling apart. We’ve come out the other side of that tough season renewed and so excited to share some of the wisdom we acquired in what was one of the toughest seasons of our lives and our marriage. 

What do you do when everything is going wrong? Where is God when everything is crumbling? What comfort is there in the Bible when everything is falling apart? We want to shine some light on all of these questions.

If today you feel like everything is just falling apart and you are not sure what to do or even what to think then this post is just for you. We pray that this post helps to lift your spirit, give you some hope and nudges you closer to the Father. We pray that you also come through this season with a deeper intimacy with God and those closest to you.

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Why A Good God Would Want You To Forgive

Most of us know that the Bible teaches that we have to forgive the people who let us down and hurt us but have you ever wondered why? Why would a so called “good” and “loving” God want us to forgive the people who have fallen short or who have brutalized or victimized us? Why should we forgive the people we're lucky to have survived? There are several reasons, and today we are going to break down three of them. (Three is my personal favorite.)

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How To Resist Being Taken Hostage By Your Emotions

I call it "the great downward spiral." At least that is what it feels like. It's like some weird shift in your mind where some disappointment or upsetting event triggers you and you fall right into the whirlpool of raging emotions and then begins the spinning. Some times you may not even know what set you off. Some days you just seem to wake up and the dark clouds settle over your mind for the day.

I imagine it’s like you are in a horse-drawn carriage, reigns in hand enjoying the ride and some inconsiderate comment, unmet expectation or hurt spooks your emotional horses and next thing you know they’re freaking out. In all the excitement you’ve dropped the reigns and lost control of your vehicle. You sit there watching the chaos and destruction you're causing but you have no clue how to reign it back in.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you then know you are not alone and I have some encouragement for you.

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Why God Is Not Like Your Dad

Father is such an important role because our fathers are meant to point to the Father. When Jesus taught the disciples to pray in Matthew 6:9, He told them to start with “Our Father, which art in heaven.” It is such a big deal that God is our Father. Up until that point in history, God was Lord but then Jesus came and made a way for God to be Abba. Daddy. Father.

This post is for the ones lucky enough to have a father that was amazing, the ones who had a dad but he wasn't what you needed when you needed it, for the ones whose fathers were totally absent for some reason or another and for the ones whose fathers fall anywhere in between. This post is good news. 

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How To Keep Loving When You Feel Neglected

A year ago my husband & I were in a very different place than we are now. Very different. I eventually gave up on the blog title idea but never deleted it. Going through my phone a couple months ago I came across the title again and this time I realized that it was never meant to be a blog post idea but a question from my heavy soul to my loving Father. 

I was a wife who felt very neglected but wanted to learn how to love in spite of how I felt. I wanted to learn to take charge of my feelings and emotions and love my husband even when I felt abandoned or believed he didn’t deserve it. 

Mike and I have had so much breakthrough and healing over the course of the last year. So now I sit once again to write out this post. This time I come to share all that the last year has taught me. If you are feeling neglected, abandoned or forgotten then this, my sweet friend, is for you.

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