5 Date Night Ideas For Your Introvert

I am an introvert. Specifically I am an outgoing introvert. This means I have an outgoing personality but I value quiet time at home. I need down time where I just hang out on my couch with my husband and just recharge. I love people but there is a defined cut off point for me time wise where I am just done and want to go home. My weeks tend to be so draining mentally that by the time date night rolls around the last thing I want to do is go to a crowded restaurant where there will probably be a wait for a table and them to a packed theater to see a new release. This just isn’t a fun idea to me. Blame it on my social anxiety.

Today I want to share some date night ideas for those of you, who like my husband, have a spouse that is on the introverted side and socially awkward side. These tips are straight from an introvert but keep in mind there are varying degree of introversion and extroversion so run these by your introvert to see if they like them. 

Here are my 5 date night ideas for your introvert!

Build a fort.

Coming from a nerdy introvert this is the greatest idea! I am throwing my favorite idea at you first! This is genius in my opinion and I hope my husband takes this hint. Order his/her favorite food. Grab some blankets and build an impressive fort with just enough room for two, maybe a TV and the food. String in some Christmas lights and light some candles (outside of the fort of course because forts are flammable.) An evening of snuggles and a Netflix marathon...so romantic. Especially if you can pull this off as a surprise. 

Get a room.

Seriously. Reserve a nice hotel room either at a nice place in town or within a 30 minute to one hour drive from your house. This is what we call a staycation. If it’s local go there early to set up date night. Set a table for dinner with flowers and candles. Splurge for a room with a jacuzzi tub for bonus… at least in my book. Make sure the room has a TV for some Netflix marathon snuggles. Fyi Netflix marathoning is pretty crucial for introvert friendly dates as far as I am concerned. If you choose to reserve a room in a historic or tourist town in your state, this also gives you things to do the next afternoon too! This sound awesome to me on a Friday night into Saturday afternoon. It’s nice because life is so hectic and busy ALL the time. This date slows all that down and is like a romantic timeout/staycation/getawaybutnotreally. Do this every few months. It's sweet!

Browse their favorite store with them.

This is seriously one of my favorite date nights. I LOVE book shops and craft stores. I love going to one...or several after we have a dinner date. We just wander the isles, talk and browser. I love having a husband who does this with me plus I usually get new books and supplies out of it. A romantic dinner and new stuff?! That is a date night win my friend. 


Mike and I picnic so much I didn’t even think of this one. Mike suggested it and I was like duh! I love going on picnics with him and our puppy! We even just bought a picnic basket! We are serious picnickers. 

But seriously. Pack some food, or do what we do and run by Subway or Jimmy John’s for subs, & head to your local state park! Layout a blanket and grub! This is especially awesome if you have an animal. You could pick a park that has hiking trails and go for a walk after you eat or one that has ducks that you could feed. I think taking a badminton set could also be a lot of fun! You could also do this in the evening and time it so you can also watch the sun set and lay on your blanket as stars come out. Gosh, that is romantic. 

Game night!

I got this suggestion from one of my best friends. Specifically she suggested crossword puzzles. We’ll just say games in general though. Mike and I play cards sometimes and it’s fun! It brings out the competitive side in both of us. I think a little competition is fun and flirty. 

Honorable mention - Afternoon dates.

 I prefer movies during the afternoon. they're less hectic and I end up enjoying the movie more. If your introvert doesn't like crowds (just a heads up - lots of introverts totally don't mind crowds in general) try doing afternoon activities! Instead of going to dinner at 6 or 7, which is when restaurants tend to get crowded, go at 4 or 5 and then rent a movie and have some snacks at home that night.

I hope this gives you some ideas to add to your date night arsenals! Remember these are just my ideas. Customize them or use them to inspire your own ideas! Please leave your antisocial date night ideas down below and help an introvert out!

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Thank's for reading. You guys rock! Until next time...

Love y'all!