Nevertheless I live: Our Iowa Adventure

   I wrote this post a couple weeks ago explaining why we would drive 12 hours from West Virginia to Iowa the land of corn, whisky and slipknot. We spent a whole month there! Yes, I lived in a hotel room with my husband and our puppy for a whole month. 

It was surprisingly easier than expected. Mike went to work each morning Monday - Saturday while me and Gharrah slept in. When we woke up she spent days lounging and just slightly getting in my way while I got to work and continued to build my empire. Empire may be a exaggeration...but hey I am claiming it. 

I continued to work on the blog and research ways to grow and strengthen it. I made tons more jewelry, hosted two Instagram giveaways (are you following me over there to catch future giveaways?!) and finished my first completed line of bracelets called The Tessa Bracelet! (There actually is a giveaway happening on this post for two of the Tessa Bracelets until 6/30! Have you entered?!) I even filmed several videos on our youtube channel!  So all in all I'd say Iowa was a success as far as productivity goes!

After work we mostly did the same things we would have done at home...only with more corn. We of course found Gharrah a walking route where she met several squirrels and her first rabbit family! She also saw cows and a family of wild turkeys for the first time. She of course thinks all animals are her friends...luckily she can never catch anything. 

We also quickly found a local Target...but not just any Target. They have a Super Target! It's like our Target back home only...well super! You have to understand my love of Target to understand why this was a big deal... Anyways we bought Miss Gharrah several new toys and bones and spoiled her to make up for her being cooped up a bit more than usual.

My favorite part was the long drives down country roads that Mike would find. Just miles and miles of flat land, gorgeous horizons and skies and corn...beautiful corn! I love just riding around with that beautiful man of mine.

On our last night out there he drove us way out to nowhere, where we were surrounded by farm land and no street lights just so we could see the stars without city lights. Yes, it was just as romantic as it sounds. The poor quality picture does not do it justice. 

Most of all, I am just so thankful to be able to be with this man. I am loving the adventure that our life has become. I am so thankful, that I am only a tiny bit self-conscious about that makeupless mess of a beautiful picture above. He looks handsome and Gharrah is adorable and I am so happy. 

Now we are in Wisconsin! Lol. My life has become pretty random. I like it. More to come on Wisconsin soon!

Thank y'all for reading! For reading all the way through here is Mike and I's Been Boozeled Challenge where we had to eat discustingly flavored jelly beans all for the memories and enjoyment of you! 

As always, love y'all!