3 Compliments To Give Away Today

Simple Suggestions On How To Brighten A Dark World

    This world is mean. We are all in a hurry and we all want everything we want immediately. Most of us are more self focused than we’d like to be and we don’t thank people as often as we should. I wanted to write this post today to inspire and encourage you all and myself to be more mindful of the people around us. I am challenging you and myself to find opportunities to compliment and lift people up this week. Life beats us all down at times. Lets be those voices building those around us up. We’ll start with this week and then the rest of our lives. 

1. “I really appreciate you/all that you do/when you _______.

    This is for someone close. This could be for your parent, spouse, siblings, children or even your assistant or house keeper. Someone who works hard for you regularly. Someone who does things with or without your thanks that makes your life or job easier. Up until here recently I was an assistant director of a longterm recovery program. That job is hard and stressful and it would make my week, to over hear my boss brag about how helpful I was. I loved when she would tell me that I was appreciated for helping her. It changes your attitude and helps you refocus.

    My husband and I go through seasons where we say “I am thankful for you” more than we say “I love you.” My husband a words guy so he loves verbal affirmation. Telling him he is appreciated really fills up his love tank. (If you don't understand “words guy,” “verbal affirmation,” or “love tank” these is love language lingo. Check out this post for more on those!) Keep an eye out for people in your life that improve it in any way and then make it a priority to tell them that they are appreciated. The closer the person is to you, the more specific you should make the complement! Like for my husband I would say, “I really appreciate how hard you work for our family and our future.” (Seriously Mike. I really do. <3)

2. “Hey, you look nice today.”

    This ones for the person you see regularly. Use this one on family, friends or coworkers. I love this comment on days when I didn’t have time to do too much in the appearance department. I know that I still look okay but something about being a woman…we’ll convince ourselves we look like one of those zombies from The Walking Dead. It is nice to have someone tell you that you look nice. It quiets that mean voice in our heads for a moment. 

3. “You are doing a really good job.” 

    This one if for the many people you encounter throughout the day as they do their jobs. This can be the cashier in the drive through or the lady at the dry cleaners. This could even be that tired but dedicated looking mom toting three small children around. Taking a moment to compliment someone in these situations can completely change someone’s day! Now I am not saying compliment just anyone. I have been in staying in different hotels for well over a month now. At the last hotel housekeeping was just okay. At this hotel, however, they are soon nice and amazing and they don’t flinch away from my excited puppy or judge me for how many towels I am capable of going through in 24 hours. These ladies deserve me taking the time to thank them for the awesome job they are doing and and letting them know that their service is awesome. 

    Same with waitresses. We have been eating out a lot! Last week we went to a restaurant that was a bit more pricey than usual. The service though! Our waitress was so nice I had to fight the urge to over do it and confess my love to the poor girl. She was so kind to us and actually paid attention to us  so much that I don’t mind that the prices were a little higher because the food was awesome too! Great service and great food?! Somebody better compliment that girl…and leave a rave review on yelp!

    Now maybe you in the party that thinks that just because it is a persons job to do the things they are doing and therefore you don’t owe them a thank you. I would say that you are probably the reason most people who have service type jobs are not friendly. They are miserable from being treated less than human by one too many of the people they are paid to serve. Remember that these people are just that. People. They are working hard to get by and in a world where thank you’s are scarce and good service is even more rare, we can spare a moment to complement the people who are doing a good job and being kind while doing so.

So let’s do this!! Let’s go out and be a light to this dark world by brightening up other’s days! 

What type of compliments do you love receiving? Leave them below and maybe we can add yours to our arsenals! 

Lets connect on Twitter or Instagram to share our compliment stories!! I’ll update you guys over there on who I am finding to compliment. 

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I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for reading!!

Love y’all,