How To Be A Better Person

There is so much ugly in this world. I feel like the news gets crazier and crazier on a daily basis. On top of that we are all striving. We all have our short term or long terms plans in our minds whether we’ve written them down or not. Is be a better person on your list? How about we consider some ways to be better people? 

This is my second post in this Brightening a Dark World series. You can check out the first here if you would like. Today I want to focus on being better. You're probably not that bad. I am not saying you are a bad person. I am saying we all have room to be better. As a former psychology major (yes, former. I am taking a break…), Christian Counselor and human I like to think of myself as an expert on people. Today I am going to share four simple tips that I think if we implemented, we would be better people. Now I am not saying these tips will turn you into a modern day Mother Teresa, but I do think these are good steps in the direction towards being better. We should always be working towards being better, kinder, more loving, etc. 

Smile More

I’m sure you were expecting something a bit more deep. Stick with me though. Smile more! 

It is scientifically proven (I think) that smiling improves your mood. Simply smiling can change your attitude! This is awesome. I am terrible at this one because I have an angry rest face. Based off my observations of my fellow human, most of y’all do too…or your legitimately angry often. We need a check up from the neck up! Check you faces people. Smile! You are alive! That’s something to smile about! 

It makes other people happy. I don’t think this one is scientifically proven (who knows though?) but it makes sense right? We’re usually walking around in our own little worlds with tons of stuff going on in our heads, at least I am, and it is nice when someone catches our eye and gives us a genuine smile. Just a nice passing smile. I know it makes me feel good. There are so many mean people and we encounter them regularly. We get three times as meaning stink eyes as we do smiles. Lets work towards changing that for others. Smile at someone today.

Compliment People

I wrote a whole post here for three compliments to give away and who to give them too. Letting people know that you appreciate them or what they’re doing is nice! The hotel we are staying in has another hotel next door to it. Our room faces the other hotel and it’s parking lot. As I sit writing this the house keeping ladies from the other hotel are sitting on the curb in front of my window complaining about the people that stay in their hotel and their management. Is that okay…well they have a right to express their feeling but they probably shouldn't be doing it right outside my room. It got me to thinking though… When was the last time someone just thanked these women for the hard job they do every day. I hate cleaning my house. These ladies work hard cleaning room after room and they have to deal with the guests. That sound like a nightmare to me. I made it a point to tell my housekeeper today that I appreciate how kind and helpful she is. 

Compliment people that deserve complements. Sure sometimes you are gonna have to search for something worth complimenting, but it changes peoples days. Searching for and acknowledging the good in others will change your heart if you keep at it. It makes us kinder more others focused people.

Find Needs & Fill Them

This is another great one because it makes you think of yourself less and others more. In your world, you are likely surrounded by people. People always have needs. Find those needs and them if it is within your ability, fill them. If you have parents that have a huge house project happening go see where you can help. You have a girl friend who has kids and a job, ask her if she would like you to take the kids so she can have some quiet time. There a crisis pregnancy center in your neighbor or a rescue mission, they ALWAYS need volunteers. Call the local homeless shelter and ask what they need. Offer to cook a home cooked meal those bachelor friends of your husband. 

I know we are all busy and we all have a lot on our plates. There is a peace that comes with shifting your focus from your junk and helping someone else carry theirs. 

Think Before You Speak

I am a HUGE believer that there is power in what you say. Proverbs 18:21 tells us the power of life and death are in the tongue. That means every time you open your mouth you speak on of two things. Words of life or words of death. Speak kind words to people. Think before you speak. Life makes us mean sometimes but that is a decision. You can choose to be kind even when you’re tired, stressed out or angry. I get really mean when I am hungry. Then as soon as I eat I am like… “Okay, what did I do?! Do I owe anyone any apologies?!” 

Just try to develop the discipline of thinking first. Even in conflict! I know we are taught that as kids, but I also know I didn't implement that bit of wisdom in my life until recent years. And if all else fails and you just can’t say anything kind, say nothing at all. 

These are my tips on how to be a better person. Think of them as baby steps in our life long journey of making a mark on this world. What do you think? Do you have any other tips on how to be a better person? Leave them in the comments! 

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