9 Scriptures To Help You Survive The Storms Of Life

I try my best to provide content that reminds you how loved you are and how valuable you are to the Father. I strive to provide encouragement to chase your dreams and to believe God for big and bold things. I want you to be kind to yourself and others because you are overwhelmed by how kind God is towards you. 

But I also want you prepared and equipped for when life gets tough because life will get tough. Stormy seasons of life are inevitable. Jesus even warned us in John 16:33 that trouble will find us in this life. He didn't leave it there though. That warning is actually sandwiched between promises that He has already overcome and that He is with us.  

Today we are going to look at some awesome verses for surviving the storms we find ourselves in. These are my favorite kind of posts to write because I just get to pack them full of scripture.

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Bible Verses on Depression - Encouragement For The Heavy Hearted

We all know there has been a problem in our culture when it comes to talking about and encouraging help for those who struggle with mental illnesses. Depression is so common among us, and yet we discuss it so very little. Ironically the bible has plenty to say about depression, sadness, and heaviness.

I am of the belief that seasons of depression will find us all and that there is nothing wrong, abnormal or scary about that if we as the church do our job to make sure that our people are ready to endure and triumph over the things that life will inevitably throw at us. 

I am someone who has struggled a great deal with depression throughout my life. I tend to have an abundance of huge emotions swirling all the time and at time sadness can be an overwhelming and familiar companion. Throughout my struggles, I have compiled verses of depression that encourage me and help to lift me out of that pit of despair and sorrow. 

I know these verses help as I have also shared them with other in trying times and seen the encouragement these truths brought to them. Without further ado, here is what scripture has to say to the depressed and heavy-hearted.

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10 Comforting Psalms: Psalms to Comfort the Grieving, Overwhelmed, & Hurting

I love the Psalms. I love the Psalms because they are full of people crying out to God from all kinds of circumstances. I think many people fail to realize that the vast majority of Psalms came pouring out of someone in pain and turmoil. Most of them are laments. They are people of God crying out to Him in the midst of their trials and heartaches. 

The Psalms are beautiful because though they are sung by distressed people, they remind us that there is power in praise and there is comfort, even in the midst of pain, when we remember who our God is.

My most popular post to date is Verses for Loss: Scriptures to Comfort the Grief Stricken & Mourning. Today I am sharing 10 of my favorite Psalms to go to when I need to feel comforted. I included an excerpt of each Psalm but I highly suggest you read each Psalm in its entirety. At the very least jot down these comforting Palms in your Bible. 

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5 Habits Of An Aspiring Prayer Warrior - Establishing A Life Of Prayer

The theme of the last two years for me has been prayer. My understanding of the power and purpose of prayer has grown more than ever. These years more than any other in my life I have felt a gentle pulling on my soul to draw closer to God. 

I don’t know how your prayer life is, but I can admit that at the start of 2016 mine was nonexistent. I was heartbroken and had suffered a loss that I was fighting to keep from blaming God. Speaking with Him was just not on my list of things to do. Somewhere during the year that changed. God healed my heart and my desire for a deeper relationship with Him began to grow exponentially. 

We all long for something more. We all want that deep connection with the Lord and the power of prayer working in our lives. The good news is that connection is available to every believer! It's a birthright. All we've got to do is steward our hearts and time well. Here are some of my tips for growing and cultivating a deeper prayer life!

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Verses For Loss: Scriptures to Comfort the Grief Stricken and Mourning

I don't know your story, but loss is loss. So whether you've lost a dream, a child, a relationship or whatever, that hurts. Your pain is valid, and mourning is a necessary process to healing. You are allowed to be sad and even angry. But I want you to know that you are not alone in your pain. God is there with you. Even if it is Him you are mad at (He's not intimidated by your anger by the way), He won't leave you. He's not uncomfortable with your sadness. 

God is with you. He will see you through this season. I pray this post gives you some encouragement. I spent some time today going through and deepening it a bit so even if you've been here before I think it's worth the reread. Live blessed you guys and be kind, especially to yourselves today. Sincerely in Him, Andriana.

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