37 Amazing Bible Verses About Strength In Hard Times

When life gets tough it is important to know where to turn to for help and comfort. These 37 encouraging Bible verses about strength in hard times remind us just where to look when storms come.

Regardless of what kind of challenges you may be facing, the Father is always our source of hope and relief. We pray these verses lift your spirits and lighten your loads. 

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How To Forgive Others: 10 Bible Verses On Forgiveness

How about a deep dive into some verses about forgiveness? One of the most challenging commands in scripture to adhere to is the command to forgive others. It can be hard to wrap our minds around the fact that we are supposed to forgive people who have hurt us and let us down.

Here’s the thing about forgiveness: It is not for them. It is for you. Forgiveness is a key that lets you out of a prison build on unforgiveness with walls and bars constructed of bitterness, anxiety, resentment, and bondage. 

Forgiveness does not mean the person is innocent or that what they’ve done isn’t wrong or hurtful. Forgiveness is you choosing not to remember their actions against them. Forgiveness is you deciding to move on free, whole and healed. Forgiveness is your declaration that you aren’t going to live as a victim anymore. 

Here are some excellent bible verses on forgiveness to help you on your journey. 

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The Destructiveness of Forgiveness - The Truth About Forgiveness

I have been taken advantage of. I have been used. I have been victimized. I have been assaulted. I have been abandoned, rejected and given away. I have been betrayed. I have been offended and I have been abused. 

I have also been the one taking advantage of people. I have been the manipulator. I have hurt people and I have created victims. 

I tell you these things so that you can be confident that I know my way around unforgiveness. I know what it feels like to struggle to forgive people who have let you down and hurt you and I also am well acquainted with what it feels like to struggle to forgive what you believe to be unforgivable in you.

Today I am sharing all the things you risk losing by giving into forgiveness. People rarely tell you all of the things in your life that will be destroyed when you truly forgive and live forgiven.

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