37 Amazing Bible Verses About Strength In Hard Times

When life gets tough it is important to know where to turn to for help and comfort. These 37 encouraging Bible verses about strength in hard times remind us just where to look when storms come.

Regardless of what kind of challenges you may be facing, the Father is always our source of hope and relief. We pray these verses lift your spirits and lighten your loads. 

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27 Comforting Psalms: Psalms to Comfort the Grieving, Overwhelmed, & Hurting

The Psalms are packed full of the pure and honest heart cries of people who found themselves in all sorts of circumstances. I love the honesty with which they felt free to approach God. 

The vast majority of Psalms came pouring out of a heart wrought with pain and turmoil. Most of them are laments. They are the songs of the people of God crying out to Him in the midst of loss, persecutions, obstacles, trials, and heartaches. 

The Psalms are a beautiful haven when life is tough because they remind us of the power found in praise and worship regardless of our distresses. They point us to the comfort found in His presence, even in the midst of pain, when we remember how wonderfully faithful and kind He is.

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The Message Your Heart Needs To Hear From The Father

We’re all about helping you to navigate the challenging seasons of life and reminding you that you are loved more than you could ever imagine by the Father.

That’s why I created this graphic quiz. I used to love these in teenybopper magazines where you find out what hair color you should wear or what celebrity crush best suits you.

I hope we achieved a bit more depth with our than those did. We want to help you discover a message your heart needs at the moment from the father. Different seasons call for different messages and reminders, so we pray you get a little encouragement regardless of your current circumstances.

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6 Ideas To Get More Scripture Into A Busy Life

If you are anything like me, you’re probably pretty busy and super interested in ways to get more scripture into your busy life. Struggling to find time for meaningful Bible study can be a significant source of stress and shame, but today I want to share some simple ways to say no to shame and get more out of your Bible study time even when you are pressed for time.

I wear a lot of hats. I am a new mom. I am a wife. I run a business. Those are just my most labor-intensive hats. I understand the struggle of managing your time and making sure that you are keeping your relationship with the Lord a priority. 

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What You Can Expect From God When Overwhelmed

I write this post today over the course of approximately 6 nap times. In this season of my life, I am a new mom to my sweet little 4-month-old son. My days are consumed with nursing, nap times and trying to keep my business moving forward to help my family. Overwhelm frequently knocks on my door these days.

I don’t know what your season of life looks like but I can assume if you are here reading this, maybe overwhelm has been harassing you lately as well.

If in the midst of a stressful season you’ve ever found yourself asking questions like, “Where is God when I am overwhelmed,” “What does He think about my overwhelm,” or “What can I expect from God in seasons where I am overwhelmed?” then this is for you.

Here are some verses that point us towards God’s heart for us when we find ourselves overwhelmed and what we can expect from Him when we are in over our heads.

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Prayers For Hard Times - 5 Prayers For Strength During Hard Times

I get it. Some seasons of life can be so tough to endure. It can be hard even to know what to say to God. That’s why we’re going to look at 5 prayers for hard times based on 5 powerful passages of scripture. 

I am pretty open on this blog about the challenges I have faced. I went through a season where my marriage almost fell apart. My husband and I had several friendships end really badly. We lost two babies to miscarriage. 

As I am writing this post, we are two month into a move we made across the country. We are now over 1000 miles from home and family with our three-month-old baby where we know no one. 

Life is full of seasons of hard times. Today I want to share some verses and how I would turn these verses into prayers for strength in difficult times. You were created for a life of abundance and joy in the Father, but unfortunately, in this life we have troubles. What are some bible verses for anxiety and fear that we can turn to find rest and freedom? 

I am glad you asked.

Today we are breaking down some of my absolute favorite passages and verses about anxiety and fear. We are going to see what the bible says about fighting fear and worry. And of course, I am going to do my darnedest to remind you how crazy loved you are. 

Let’s go!

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How To Forgive Others: 10 Bible Verses On Forgiveness

How about a deep dive into some verses about forgiveness? One of the most challenging commands in scripture to adhere to is the command to forgive others. It can be hard to wrap our minds around the fact that we are supposed to forgive people who have hurt us and let us down.

Here’s the thing about forgiveness: It is not for them. It is for you. Forgiveness is a key that lets you out of a prison build on unforgiveness with walls and bars constructed of bitterness, anxiety, resentment, and bondage. 

Forgiveness does not mean the person is innocent or that what they’ve done isn’t wrong or hurtful. Forgiveness is you choosing not to remember their actions against them. Forgiveness is you deciding to move on free, whole and healed. Forgiveness is your declaration that you aren’t going to live as a victim anymore. 

Here are some excellent bible verses on forgiveness to help you on your journey. 

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