6 Ideas To Get More Scripture Into A Busy Life

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If you are anything like me, you’re probably pretty busy and super interested in ways to get more scripture into your busy life. Struggling to find time for meaningful Bible study can be a significant source of stress and shame, but today I want to share some simple ways to say no to shame and get more out of your Bible study time even when you are pressed for time.

I wear a lot of hats. I am a new mom. I am a wife. I run a business. Those are just my most labor-intensive hats. I understand the struggle of managing your time and making sure that you are keeping your relationship with the Lord a priority. 

Say No To Shame And Perfection

First and foremost I want to address shame. We as humans have a hard time with the idea of perfection. When it comes to Bible study, we tend to define in our minds what perfect would look like and when life doesn’t allow for that idea of perfection we can give up or work harder to make God happy when He never even signed off on our concept of “perfect.” 

Bible study WILL look different in different seasons. There is no set amount of verses you have to read or an amount of time that is required to have a “successful” Bible study. You can read several chapters and get nothing out of it due to stress and distractions, and you can read one verse, and it could transform your whole day.

The point is to set aside some time to sit expectantly with the Father. There are times in this season of life where my husband and I only have 30 minutes together alone and without errands and tasks to take care of. When we choose to be intentional with that time it works to strengthen our connection. 

It’s the same with the Father. Take what time you have and make it purposeful and allow it to strengthen your connection.

Listen To An Audio Bible

I get up every morning and scramble to get ready for the day and eat some breakfast before my baby wakes up. This is a great time to listen to the Bible on audio! 

If you have pockets of time where you are doing something that doesn’t require your whole brain and focus then try listening to the Bible! We love the YouVersion Bible app which has audio options on several translations. 

Try Scripture Writing

This has been my go to in the busy season I am in now. Somedays I will just write out a verse or two, and it’s been so powerful! I love that I can just write out the verse or passage and be done or if I have more time I can go deeper. 

It’s also great for your comprehension as writing things down is a proven way to help you remember them. So writing out these verses helps you to carry those verses into your day and have something encouraging to meditate on. 

We have a FREE 6-day scripture writing challenge. It is called Extravagant: A Deep Dive Into The Love Of The Father. It focuses on how unconditionally the Father loves you and how interested He is in your life and the details of your days. Each day you get a verse and a short bible study straight to your inbox for 6 days! You can sign up for that here!

We love this practice so much I designed a journal specifically for Scripture writing. The best part is that is is available on Amazon for $9.99 plus it is prime shipping eligible! You can check that out here.

Listen To Biblical Music

I LOVE worship music. I love having it play in my home during the day. It sets an atmosphere, and it reminds me that the presence of God is with me. 

The key is to find really Biblical and declarative music. Some of my favorites are Bethel Music, JesusCulture, The Upper Room, Housefires, and Rend Collective

Listen To Sermons And Podcasts

Mike and I are HUGE podcast listeners. When Judah is up and about or when I am rocking him to sleep or walking the dog, I’ll put headphones in and listen to podcasts. 

Some of my favorites are Bethel’s Podcast of the week, Kris Vallotton’s Podcast, That Sounds Fun With Annie F. Downs and Jonathan and Melissa Helser’s Podcast.

I also love enneagram related podcasts. These aren’t necessarily Bible-focused, but I think becoming more self-aware is super helpful in all areas of your life, especially your relationship with the Father. My favorites are Typology with Ian Cron and The Enneagram Journey with Suzanne Stabile.

Also if you just can’t handle serious right now, I get it. Sometimes I just want to laugh and not feel anything too serious. At these time I LOVE the Bible Binge. It’s a podcast where they recap Scripture like it were pop culture news. 

Listening to them react to Scripture is hilarious but they always pull out fascinating and inspiring nuggets as well.

Try A Guided Journal

I LOVE journaling. I think it is a necessary discipline. That’s why we have made 3 different guided journals to help you on your walk of Faith.

The beauty of a guided journal is that it walks you through what to do each day in a way that saves time but also keeps you super intentional, so you get the most out of the time you invest. 

We have a Scripture writing journal that we mentioned above. We also have a year-long gratitude journal and a Bible study/sermon notes journal. Mike and I both use and love them. They’re all on Amazon, and they are all under $10. You can check them out here. 

Try A New Translation

Sometimes jumping into a new fresh Bible or a new translation can be exciting enough to refresh and revive your interest in Scripture! I LOVE a new Bible.

Mike and I have been really into The Passion Translation this year. It’s a beautiful translation of the Bible.

I am also currently considering picking up a reader’s bible, which is a bible with no chapters or verses. The point is to make the Bible feel like a book that you can just read and not worry about how many verses or chapters you’ve made it through.

Do some research and find yourself a fresh new Bible!

Get Scripture On Your Walls!

This is another one that I am a HUGE believer in. I have painted verses I love on canvas’s all over my home. Seriously, in the room that I am currently in there are 4 pieces of art that I have created with some of my favorite verses or declarations on them.

If you are not artistic then go to any Hobby Lobby and grab some pieces there. (Make sure to use the coupon!) Or you can sign up to become a member of our community and as a free gift to our people we send out a set of wall art printables that I designed to help people know where to turn in different seasons and circumstances.

These are the things that I turn to when I am struggling to find significant time with the Word of God. They have been a massive help to me in these seasons, and I hope that they inspire you and give you some ideas of new ways to interact with Scripture.

If you have your own ideas on way to get more of the Word of God into our busy lives then please share them in the comments! This tired new mom would love to hear them!

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