DIY - Golden Pineapple Bookends

Guys! I have been wanting Gold Pineapple bookends for ages! I think I saw some very nice ones at target or somewhere this summer and the wheels in my brain have been turning ever since. I love how these came out and I have enough material to make several more! I went with champagne gold because I want more metallic accents in my home, but you could literally do any color! I think a glossy black could look awesome or a teal colored set! You could also get super creative and paint on a pattern. The sky is the limit. Here is what you are going to need:

Pineapples - These are the exact ones I used.
Wooden Plaques - I used unfinished blocks I found at Michael's. This one is MUCH nicer!
White Gesso 
Hot Glue Gun & Glue - or some type of adhesive strong enough to mount the pineapple.
Spray Paint - I used this champagne colored one. 
Clear Acrylic Spray - Because we want these lovely pineapples to last. 

So, first things first! I hot glued the pineapples to the wooden blocks. Looking back I wish I had found nicer wood. I may remake these using the plaques I listed about for a more clean and finished look.

Next I covered the whole thing in gesso. This took some time because the leaves of these pineapples aren't the easiest to coat. You could use a spray primer instead but I really love the texture that gesso adds to anything so I am happy with how it turned out. I brushed on two coats allowing each coat to completely dry before moving on.

I also decided to change up my other book shelf decor. I have had this dragon and pegasus since I got this book shelf because I am a nerd. Anyways I pulled them off the shelf and coated them in gesso too. If you love dragons as much as I do, here is my exact forest dragon or you could find any animal, mythical or otherwise, and gesso them up for some added fun! 

Once the gesso had completely dried, I took the pineapples and mythical creatures outside and spray painted them. Each piece only required two coats and I made sure to let each coat dry in between. 

How cool do these look?! I am still excited about them. I need more mythical creatures for sure! Plus wouldn't a whole bowl of fake golden fruit be gorgeous? Y'all just wait!

Finally, I gave everything a good coat of clear coat to protect and preserve my beautiful creations. 

I LOVE them!! I want tons more!  If you guys make these please send me pictures! Especially if you change them up at all! 

I hope you guys are as obsessed with this project as I am. I have several more metallic themed DIYs coming soon so stayed tuned! Also if you haven't already you're totally going to want to join our Living For Love VIP Club! 

Thank you guys for ready! As always make sure to share this with your friends!! 

See ya soon!