Free Christian iPhone Wallpapers

I make it a goal to post motivational  or encouraging things on Mondays, because...well Mondays. Today I had a random idea for something a little different. As I am sure you have already discerned, I made something for you guys! 

I was wanting a Christian wallpaper for my own iPhone and decided instead of searching for one, I would create my own! So instead of making one, I made three and I want to share them with you all. Each one is designed to work with iPhone & it's perspective wallpaper mode, but I imagine they would work with any mobile device. 

I hope you guys like them! I know we use our phones so much each day and this way you are getting an encouraging word each time you open it! 

There you have it! I hope you like these Christian iPhone Wallpapers! Which one is your favorite? I am torn between the "God will not" and "Love came down" ones. Do you guys want me to make more of these? If so let me know in the comments what verse or quote you think would look good on the next batch!

I hope y'all have an awesome week! If you have a minute check out last Monday's post, Three Things To Give Away This Week.

Remember that life is an amazing gift so pursue it in all it's fullness.