How God Feels About Your Weird Phase

Today I wanted to share something close to my heart lately. I want to talk about weird phases. Ever said something like, “I don’t know…I’m just going through a weird phase…?”

I think we all have at some point. 

Our lives are marked by tons of “weird” phases. I feel like the queen of coping mechanisms. Some of my memorable (and shareable) ones include:

  • The summer in high school where I only wore miniskirts every day for months. 
  • The time I became obsessed with mobile gaming. All free moments…and even some that weren’t free were sacrificed to the great mobile games.
  • The season I decided I was never wearing jeans again.
  • The year I allowed my husband's opinions and approval to define me.

I could literally go on all day but I'll spare you.

These seasons of weirdness can look like anything and a lot of times they can come with a bit of shame. So today lets look at how God feels about your weird phase.

Searching or Avoiding

In my experience, most weird phases fall into one of two categories.

  1. We are either searching for something to meet a need
  2. or we are avoiding something that may lead to pain.

Let’s break down my weird seasons as an example.

  • Teenage mini skirt phase - searching for love, value, and attention specifically from males.
  • Mobile game phase - avoiding having to process trauma and deal with the residual pain.
  • Jean-less/pant-less phase - avoiding my overeating and how unhappy I was with my body and choices.
  • Elevated husband phase - searching for worth, approval, and someone to tell me how I was doing when I felt I was failing.

God could have met all of these needs and He eventually did meet them! But how does He feel about the season when we’re still in it?

If you’re going through a weird phase - He’s going with you.

He promises to never leave you. (Hebrews 13:5) He promises to walk through fire and flood with you. (Isaiah 43:2) Your new obsession with dirty rap music won't scare Him off. He’ll wait it out and help you through your new weird coping mechanism. 

Jesus chose to die to pay the debt that you owe and to strip sin and death of their power to separate us from our Father. He really went out of His way to make connection and relationship possible. Then He sent us Holy Spirit to come and make your body His temple where He will dwell for the rest of your life. 

God knew what this life had in store for you. He knew messy and even weird was coming and He chose you anyways. Your weird and messy parts don’t scare or shake Him. 

He will not rethink or regret His decision.

He wants in.

Some phases are heavier than others and they can allow room for shame and fake walls to go up in our hearts and minds. I’ve had seasons where I didn’t even want to pray, read the Bible or take communion because I was convinced I was unworthy or not wanted. 

We believe the lie that we need to work through things on our own and then we’ll come back to God when we have it all sorted and figured out. 

The bottom line is this: God, our Father, is not going to leave you in these places. He cares about your heart and He is committed to you. That's unconditional love. 

Let Him in. Ask Him what you are avoiding or searching for. 

Let His love remind and validate your worth and value. 

Let His patience and wisdom calm your tired soul and reassure you that you’re gonna be okay.

There was a moment in my mobile gaming phase where shame started creeping in as I grew more and more convinced that God must be disappointed in all the time I was sinking into those stupid but addictive games. I was being totally neglectful of other disciplines.

I was avoiding processing the trauma of my second miscarriage. I just could not stand to have any free time to think. I hated the places my mind would wander so instead I found something that kept me super distracted.

One afternoon I felt the Father say, “It’s okay. I know you hurt. I know it’s all too much right now. Play the games. We’ll work through this when you’re ready. We’ll get through this.” 

That moment has been one of the most healing in this process of healing. 

I share this just in case you’ve found yourself in a weird season. I want you to know that it doesn’t scare or worry our unshakable Heavenly Father. His love will remain and help you through. He is so patient in our process.

I pray this brings you some comfort. Especially if you find yourself in a mourning season were weird phases can tend to abound in my experience. 

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