Join us for our 6-day Scripture writing challenge on the
deep love of the Father

Do you know God loves you? Do you really believe that? Do you believe He’s a huge fan of who you are? Do you know the Father cares about ALL the details of your life? Are you convinced that the details of your life, big and small, matter to Him?

Did you know that studies show that most American Christians struggle to believe that God is a kind and loving Father who is actually interested in their day to day details?

We want to spend 6 whole days in the Word to see what the Bible says about the Father’s love for you.


Join our thriving community for this 6 - Day scripture writing challenge. We are going to be really diving deep into the love of God and what it means for our lives. Every day you will receive an email from us with a devotional to encourage you and a scripture to write out and meditate on.


Each you will receive a email with a verse or a short passage. Our challenge to you is to write it out! Writing things down is proven to help our mind absorb and retain information. What better information to commit to our memories that the truth of how loved you are by God?

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