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“I loved this journey! I've been going through some things that have challenged my faith in God and my family. I have had to face a lot of disappointments and face fears. This challenge has helped get me to keep my eyes fixed on God not my problems.” -Patricia

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This upgrade is perfect for anyone who is serious about
growing in their relationship with the Father and their
understanding of His love .

This workbook transforms our 6-day challenge into a 10-day
Bible study with tons of bonus content.

Spend 10-Days Saturated With The Truth Of How Extravagantly Love You Are By The Father.

The things we focus on really matter. It shapes our attitudes and our experience of the world around us. That’s why spending 10 days completely focused on how loved you are is life changing.

Walk away believing that God is CRAZY about you. Face your day with confidence that He is a HUGE fan of who you are. Acknowledge your circumstances with a deeper awareness that the Father cares about ALL the details of your life. Big and small! You’ll be able to rest in the truth that they all matter to Him.

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Key Word Studies

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of each of the verses as
we pull out key words and study their meanings in the
original languages.

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Guided Prayers

Each day you’ll have a new guided prayer that will walk you
through the process of praying the verse of the day over
your life.

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Each day has multiple declarative sentences that are rooted
in the key verse of the day for you to begin to speak over
yourself and you're circumstances.

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& more!

You will also get 4 additional days of the Bible study, making
this a 10-day experience. The workbook is DIGITAL so you
can take the study as often as you’d like.

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This is a DIGITAL product.

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Get to know the Father Even Better

There is so much about of Father to search out and
learn. He loves to be pursued. As we learn of His
character and nature, we begin to build a trust in Him
and His unwavering faithfulness.

A clearer view of your identity in Christ

When you were born again, you became a completely new
person. You’re identity is not no longer defined by the things
you’ve done, the mistakes you made or the things you’ve
accomplished. It is now rooted in Christ.

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Find rest in the truth of how loved you are

Imagine living your life convinced that the creator of the
universe loved you unconditionally. Imagine believing that you
are His child and that you have constant access to Him and all
of His resources. Imagine knowing He is on your side.

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A greater capacity to love others

You simply can not give away what you have not received.
Scripture backs this up in Luke 7:47. The more you learn and
accept that you are extravagantly loved and forgiven, the
more you will go out and love and forgive.

4.00 10.00
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“I am loving everyday of Extravagant, it challenges me to dig deeper in the scripture for that day and to really apply it to my life. It has helped me with a new strategy on how to approach scripture and apply it to my life and memorizing it so I can use it in different situations. I’m finding that God is really speaking to me through these scriptures and it is amazing!” 
-Breanna S.

“I have really enjoyed going through Extravagant, and this week especially, I really needed to focus on God’s love!”

“You both have a knack for delivering God's word in a way that is understandable and refreshing. The declarations you read inspire me to be more creative with my words and not be bound by church lingo.”

“I loved this journey! I've been going through some things that have challenged my faith in God and my family. I have had to face a lot of disappointments and face fears. This challenge has helped get me to keep my eyes fixed on God not my problems. I like the fact that others are reading and doing the challenge with me. This was great, you are a blessing. God is using you in amazing ways. I would totally do another challenge any time”


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