I often get asked for books that I am reading or translations that I love. This is where I share my absolute favorites. These books are the ones I am always giving away or recommending. These are the books that have changed my life or inspired me greatly.

If you end up picking one up or if you’ve already read one let me know! I love talking books. I once tried to make this a book review blog… great idea just didn’t work out. Haha.

Enjoy! (I update this page as new books join the pantheon.)

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Bibles / Translations

I study out of the English Standard Version and The Passion Translation. I own and regularly use each of these.

Mike and I LOVE The Passion Translation. We love the heart behind it and we truly find the translation to be beautiful and clear. We think this is a really great reading translation as the language is easy to understand.

There are other colors available but this red! I love my red bible. Keep in mind that this is just Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs and the New Testament as they are still translating.

This is the kindle version of the translation. We own this two as sometimes it easier to just pull it up on our phones or tablets. The best part is that it is SUPER affordable. Usually around $7 on Amazon. At the time of writing this it wass only $4.99!

We have the kindle version of this one two as we will buy the full bond version when they finish the Old Testament. We love it though.

This is my faithful and most used Bible. I have owned it for years now. I grabbed it when the Bible Journaling craze started. Sometimes I still paint in it but I find it is perfect for note taking. I will always prefer this format now.

Fiction Books

I read all sorts of fiction but these are some of my very favorite Christian fictions books that have had the most influence on me or that I was just super sad when they were over.


Bible Studies

I am not huge on Bible Studies as I tend to prefer reading plans and I use a lot of apps for this but these are some studies that I always return to.


Non-Fiction Books

Mike and I try to read books together regularly. Our goal is to read books that make us better partners, parents or stewards. We’ll share the treasures we find here!