A 10 Week Study on Love From 1 Corinthians 13

We can't produce the kind of love we see in 1 Corinthians 13 on our own. We can receive it, though. This study is to show you how incredibly loved you are. I want your mind to be blown by just how crazy God is about you. I want you to learn to soak in that love. I want your life to be flooded with that love. I want you to be filled up and then I want you to overflow. I want the love that God has shown you to pour out of you and into every life you encounter. 

Join me for this 10 week study on love!


The Key To Loving Others The Way Christ Calls Us To - Part 1

How aware are you today of all that you’ve been forgiven of? You know it’s no secret? If you need a reminder, you can ask God and He will remind you. How aware are you of all that He’s done for you? Think back! Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with how loving and kind He has been in your life. Let it fill your heart and soul and then you can overflow. 

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Love is Patient & Kind: So Why Aren't We? - Part 2

We believe the key to loving others well and living a life filled with love is to live with a constantly receiving God's love which He is lavishing on us at all times. We have to live aware of just how crazy God is for us! So that is why we are looking a good long look at love. Not just so you can go love others but so that you can rest confidently in the Truth that you are love unconditionally beyond all comprehension.
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Love is Not Arrogant | Part 4

Love is Not Envious or Boastful & Here's Why - Part 3

Love lifts others up. Love makes a big deal out of the people around it. Love is not focused on itself but instead, it focuses on the strengths and accomplishments of others. Love calls the extraordinary and inspires the good out of the people around it. Jesus celebrates your victories. God has got so much good in store for you. He is on your side. He is for you. He is not withholding good from you.
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Love Is Not Rude | Part 5