Scripture writing became a big part of Mike and I’s Bible study time in 2018. My baby boy was born and as a first time mom I was quite overwhelmed with how little time was I felt I had. Even the time I did have was almost useless because I was so tired and emotionally drained.

That’s when I started Scripture writing. I had heard of the practice and I had seen some people releasing monthly scripture writing plans and things. I pulled out a list of verses on the love of the Father and each day I would writing out a verse.

At first it didn't feel like much because it was only one verse. I soon realized that writing out that one verse was way more influential and powerful than I was giving it credit. I found that when I only had time to write one verse, I would still carry that verse into my day better than on days when I would just read.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that it is scientifically proven that writing things down helps you remember them. So I fell in love with the practice. I noticed quickly that there were no journals on the market specifically for writing out verses. So I created one! (You can grab one for under $10 here!) I launched them and gave my husband Mike a proof copy of one.

It’s floral and pretty, but the amazing man still used it each day until he too discovered he loved the system I had created.

From there we wanted to design our own plan and we wanted it to focus on the love of the Father. We wanted to help our fellow believers to discover or rediscover the unconditional love the Father has for them. So we created Extravagant.

It’s a challenge we believe you’ll love because it will remind you of how overwhelmingly loved you are.

We love this practice and we plan to create many more plans. Below are the ones available now! Enjoy!

Our Scripture Writing Plans For 2019!

Extravagant is more than just a writing plan. Each day you not only receive the verse of the day but also a short devotion and additional ideas on ways to interact with the scriptures!

Get A Copy Of Scripture Writing Journal

These come with a 30-day identity in Christ plan and a 30-day love of God plan. They also have space to write in three months worth of your own plans!