DIGITAL: Extravagant Bible Study - A 10 Day Deep Dive On The Love Of The Father


DIGITAL: Extravagant Bible Study - A 10 Day Deep Dive On The Love Of The Father


If you too, find yourself with a deep desire to experience more of the Father’s love, we have an opportunity for you.

Get the Extravagant companion Bible study!

  • Find rest in the truth of how loved you are by God

  • Develop clearer view of your identity in Christ

  • Gain a greater capacity to love others

Key Word Studies

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of each of the verses as we pull out key words and study their meanings in the  original languages.

Guided Prayers

Each day you’ll have a new guided prayer that will walk you  through the process of praying the verse of the day over your life. 


Each day has multiple declarative sentences that are rooted in the key verse of the day for you to begin to speak over yourself and your circumstances. 

& more!

Each of the 10 days also provides a devotional. The workbook  is DIGITAL so you can take the study as often as you’d like.  We also provide a printer friendly version!

Spend 10-Days Saturated With The Truth Of How Extravagantly Love You Are By The Father.

The things we focus on really matter. It shapes our attitudes and our experience of the world around us. That’s why spending 10 days completely focused on how loved you are is life changing.

  • Walk away believing that God is CRAZY about you.

  • Face your day with confidence that He is a HUGE fan of who you are.

  • Acknowledge your circumstances with a deeper awareness that the Father cares about ALL the details of your life. Big and small!

You’ll be able to rest in the truth that they all matter to Him.

Grab Yours Now!