Hello Lovely!


The Guide

I LOVE Bible Journaling. Before journaling bibles I used to art journal bible verses and hymn lyrics in an art journal. I think the practice of taking time to paint or letter is an awesome way to interact with the Word of God because it causes you to pause and spend more time with a verse or passage. It challenges you to imagine and to think up imagery that will later come to mind and remind you of the bible verses.

If you’ve been wanting to look into this hobby or if you just need some fresh ideas for your bible journal then check it out!

The Webinar!

There are actually four webinars being held but I really wouldn’t miss this one. I LOVE Ruth Soukup. She is an excellent teacher. I am a member of her blogging course The Elite Blog Academy which costs several hundred dollars. Don’t miss the change to glean free information from her if you are even a little interested in starting a blog!