Life is filled with battles great and small. Battles are guaranteed but the good news is the war has been won! You may be asking, "So if the war is won why do I still feel like I am getting the tar beat out of me on a regular basis?!" To answer that we are going to dive Ephesians 6:10-17 and really take some time to look at each piece of the armor that God has made available to us. That right! We have an armor! I know I can not be the only one who forgets this on the regular. These posts will help us understand the importance of each and every piece of the armor and how we can best yield it and start living victoriously. As an added bonus each of the three main posts has free printable prayer cards for the pieces of armor they cover!! 


Intro: Verses For Fighting Well - 7 Verses on Spiritual Warfare

This is the post that inspired this whole series. The more I wrote the stronger I felt to go deeper. These are seven verses that you should really memorize. At the very least write them down and post them around you home so that you can read them often. They are a weapon. They will remind you how great God is and who you are and where you stand with Him and that is a powerful truth to yield. Read more.

Part 1: How To Not Get Your Butty Kicked Spiritually - Truth & Righteousness

"How does one put on Truth or Righteousness," you may ask. Well that is a great question. Here is you answer and also some free prayer cards! Read more.

Part 2: How To Not Get Your Butt Kicked Spiritually - Peace & Salvation 

Peace and Faith. Who could use a little more of both of these? Here is how to literally arm yourself in both! Plus more free prayer cards! Read more!

Part 3: How To Not Get Your Butty Kicked Spiritually - Salvation & The Word of God

Okay you're saved. Now What? How can your salvation help you fight your daily battles? & how can you arm yourself with peace? Check out this 3 part study on the armor of God & fighting well! Check back December 5th! Read More!