DIY Metallic Geometric Wall Art

Hey everyone! I have another metallic diy to share with y'all today!! I mentioned before that I am on a mission to bring more metallics into my home. I started this mission by making these golden pineapple bookends, and I am still totally obsessed with them so check that post out! Today I am going to share how I made these SUPER easy metallic wall art pieces! 

Here's what you'll need:

Paint - Acrylic & Spray Paint
Tape - Painters (I used wash and it worked fine)
Clear Varnish Spray

I repurposed some old canvases that I had painted years ago to match the decor of my old home. Because they were already painted it took several coats of spray paint to mask the old paint. If you are using new canvases two coats of paint should do the trick. Make sure to let each coat dry in between. 

The spray paint I used was krylon brand in the color champagne. I love this gold because it's muted and it doesn't have all of that yellow that some gold spray paints have that I am not a fan of. 

After the base coats of spray paint dried, I sketched out my geometric design on scratch paper so that I could make sure that there were spaces for each of the colors I wanted to be on each canvas. 

Once I was happy with my sketch I laid out my tape to match. I didn't have painters tape on hand so I used washi tape and I think it worked just fine for me. Once the tape was laid out I made sure to really firmly press it down to make sure that it was adhered well. Then I just painted each shape the predetermined color. I used an acrylic paint by JoAnn Fabrics Buttermilk collection. Most colors took two coats but the lighter blue took three or four.

The colors were super important to me because I plan to use these paintings as a color pallet for the rest of my house. Once all the paint was dry...ish, I took off the tape.

I thought that I was finished but the next morning I decided that I to add some script. I just hand painted this on. 

I left them outside for a couple hours to make sure all the layers of paint were good and dry. Finally I sprayed each one with a coat of clear spray varnish to seal everything in. 

I think they turned out beautiful!!! If you decide to do this project them please share a picture with me because I would love to see your take on it!

I hope you guys liked this project! Make sure to share it if you did like it!

As always thank you guys for reading!!