The Best Gift Ideas For Pastors

Gratitude is huge over here and we are big believers in showing our pastors how thankful we are for what they do. They can be hard to shop for though so these gift ideas for pastors are here to help!

So whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or pastor appreciation day (2nd Sundar in October) or pastor appreciation month (October), these ideas are great jump off points to show you pastor how much they mean to you.

Now most of these will make sense on their own but I will explain why they are a great gift idea for pastors.

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I am going to start with my very favorite idea. So obviously pastors love bibles. These bibles are interleaved! So every other page is blank. Now what you do is take one of these bibles and have members of your church write prayers, letters of encouragement or stories of appreciation on the blank page by a verse that corresponds.

I love this idea. This will be such a beautiful keepsake for your pastor forever! They can even keep it in their office and people can continue to add to it. If you do this let me know! I seriously love it.

This Bible is genuine leather and runs at a higher price point. As I am writing this it runs on Amazon at around $75-80.

This Bible is a bit simpler though still interleaved. It’s price point is a bit more affordable especially for a bible. As I write this it’s running around $30-35.



This one is for sure my second favorite idea! I signed up for Audible 4 months ago when I saw the two free book offer and I LOVE it. Pastors typically love books and reading. An audio book subscription is a great idea for the busy pastor! They can listen as they commute and run church related errands.


Help Them Take Notes!

I have never written a sermon but I have written TONS of devotions and bible studies and I know that I can fill a notebook pretty quickly. This gift idea is so practical that it’s never a bag idea. The notebook will not go to waste.

These are awesome! They are individually bond books of the bible with a blank note page beside each page of scripture. These are brilliant because you can collect your thoughts and notes for each book and build upon it over time.

This journal is just so handsome. You can fill it up with note books and they can replace the notebooks once they are filled up.

If you have a fun pastor who enjoys humor this journal would be a cute and super affordable gift!


Get Them Some New Gadgets!

Who doesn’t love new tech to make life a little easier?!

As someone who writes A LOT I know how quickly a laptop can fill up. A external hard drive is a really practical gift idea for pastors and writers alike.

It’s hard to plan and write with a sleepy brain. If you pastor has a church office pick them up a nice coffee maker and maybe a selection of coffee and teas to enjoy while they prep.

Seriously, who couldn’t use an extra pair of bluetooth headphones? Mike loves these. We’ve replaced them a couple times over the last few years because he’s such a fan.


Spruce Up Their Office!

I am a big fan of keeping the Word of God all around me. So here are some creative ways to help keep your pastor encouraged with the Word.

Desk Calendars


Wall Art & Prints


Let Them Wear The Love!

Christian themed t-shirts have seriously improved over the years. Remember when they were just famous logos with Jesus words subbed in? These are waaaay better than those.

It was super challenging to find shirts for women pastors. Most of them are just for pastor’s wives. I did find a couple cute ones though!!


Let him know his sermons rock.

I like this one because its really the church complimenting themselves.

Because your pastor probably has a beard.


Who Doesn’t Need Another Mug?

The Robinson household. That’s who. But seriously there’s always room for a new mug.

A super cute idea is to get them a nice mug and have people write one sentence prayers on slips of paper and fill the mug with them!

Coffee Mugs

Travel Mugs


Let Them Pick Their Own Gift!

Not all pastors are the same. Let them pick their own gifts!

Food gift cards are a great way to gift a date night to your pastor and their spouse!

Encourage your pastor to take some time to kick back and just have some mindless fun.

As I mentioned before, most pastors love books. Amazon gift cards are awesome for buying all the books…and just about anything else.

So many ideas with this one. Let them choose whatever or tell them to put it towards a vacation or a day off. Tell them to go get a message or a manicure.


If Pastor Is A She Get One Of These!

Scripture Jewelry

I have one of these. I love it. Never take it off. It’s good y’all.

Scripture Cards

These are a really pretty and creative way to keep scripture in front of yourself!

Pretty Mugs

This mug is gorgeous and would be a great pick for my prayer mug idea from above.

Frame our FREE scripture wall art printable for their home!

We offer two gorgeous wall art printables free to members of our community. Being in the community just means that we send encouraging emails and the occasional update out twice a week.

I hope you found something great or at least some great ideas for you pastoral team! If you have any great ideas or things you’ve done for your preacher, please leave the details down below!!

As always, we’re glad you’re here!