I Didn't Do What I Was Supposed To Do...So Now What Do I Do? | Dealing with Guilt and Condemnation

Man. Who isn’t all too familiar with this feeling? “I didn’t do what I know I was supposed to do and now I don’t know what to do.” That is the worst. For me, this plays out in social situations. I know I should go say hello to someone or that I should strike up a conversation with this person or that person and I spam out and let anxiety and fear keep me from doing it and then I guilt and shame myself for not doing it so next time an opportunity pops up I am buried beneath my own idea of how much I suck so I fail again. 

Goodness, there are so many ways this scenario could work itself out. Maybe you were supposed to do something that you didn’t want to do so you just didn’t. Maybe you felt lead to accept a job or make a big move or share the gospel with someone and you ignored it. 

Today I want to focus on what you do after you failed to do what you should have done.

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