My Favorite Christian Quotes

I love quotes you guys! I have collected them for as long as I can remember. I have a journal from when I was 12 years old that is packed full of embarrassing middle schooler quotes. I have a book of far more mature quotes that I add to regularly ever since I saw A Walk to Remember and Jamie’s mom left that quote book for her when she passed. Then Jamie gave it to Landon when she was ill and then Landon gave it back to the dad later. Gosh. Love that that movie.

Anyway, I have a whole volume packed full of quotes I just love and today I want to share some of my absolute favorite quotes. I set out to share ten but then it grew to fifteen and now were up to twenty. These are just some of my favorites. 

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The More I Seek You

I wanna sit at Your feet
Drink from the cup in Your hand
Lay back against You and breathe
Feel Your heartbeat
This love is so deep, It's more than I can standI melt in Your peace, It's overwhelming.
Guys, this song has been on repeat in my mind all day. They even played at church this evening. That line... "Lay back against You and breathe, feel Your heartbeat" Is my prayer. I just want to fall into His embrace. It's the only place that I know of to run to knowing I can just rest.  In His presence I can breathe. His presence is like breathing and I have one of those moments where I realize that I have been holding my breath for far too long. I just need Him closer than my skin. I can't stand any space between us. I want to hear His heartbeat. I want to memorize His heart. 
I don't know if this is making any sense. I just keep thinking of Psalm 42 where David says, "Like the deer pants for the water, so my soul pants for you God. When can I get to this God?" I am desperate for this God. I can't live without Him. I can't breathe without Him. 
My soul is hungry for more of Him this evening. I love these kind of evening. May they never fade.