How To Create A Daily Worship and Prayer Time - June Worship Playlist & Prayer Guide

I LOVE praise and worship. I am a big believer that your experience with it corporately at church on Sundays is a reflection of your private praise and worship time. 

Lately, I have been trying to focus on better hosting the presence of God in my home. It is important to me that Judah grow up experiencing the Father through the day to day details and actions of his father and me. 

So we have been spending the first hour or so of the morning together listening to worship music and saying a little prayer together. I pray, and he contributes a few “da da da's” and “buhbye’s.” 

I pick 4 to 5 songs that feel relevant to my current circumstances and create a playlist that we listen to for a few weeks. I love picking songs with truths I struggle to believe or wrap my head around and playing them until I feel like my soul believes the words I am declaring through them. 

 These playlists will be a new ongoing series. Members of our community get pdf guides to accompany the playlist. If that interests you then know you are of course invited to join our community of thousands of praying women below! 

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