September Traffic & Income Report + October Goals

This is the month I finally get around to starting a traffic and income series for A Love Worth Living For! I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to do reports for this blog but I just keep reading other people and I find them so helpful that I think it flows with  ALWLF and our desire for it to a resource to help people. I have also seen several blogs I follow that are newer and don't have a steady income yet start to post reports and it is so awesome to follow along and see their blogs growing!

My blog has not generated income on it's own yet. I don't count the pennies it's earning on Adsense yet because I've yet to reach a threshold to receive a payment. I have seen income from the Etsy shop and I do count this because the blog and shop are one to me. So lets dive into my September Blog Traffic and Income report. I am also going to include my goals for October. 

Traffic Report

ALWLF Page Views for September - 4,724 (+3443)
ALWLF Audience Size for September - 3,820 (+2769)

Here is our Google Analytics stats for the month. Keep in mind I only started using it on the eighth. 

We had a TON of growth this past month. For context here is the monthly traffic breakdown from Squarespace. 

As you can see we almost quadrupled August's stats. I attribute a large portion of this growth to increasing the frequency of how often I pin using Board Boaster. I LOVE Board Booster. It allows you to schedule pins along with a whole slew of other services. Seriously you should check it out. The first 100 pins are free! You can check Board Booster using my referral link here

Income  (Expense)  Report

Etsy: $318.89

Expenses - 
Squarespace: $10.00
Advertising: $50.00 (Facebook & Pinterest)
Elite Blog Academy: $300.00
Supplies: I have a whole bag of receipts from the last 5 months to tally and add up. (Ridiculous I know. I blame the traveling!) So I guesstimate somewhere around $150-200 as that is usually my average. 

Total Expenses: $510
Total Income: $-191.11

October Goals

1. Deal with those receipts I mentioned earlier. I did really well keeping an expense report running month to month from January to maybe March? I don't even remember. That's how long it has been. Shame Shame. This month we fix that.

2. Write the Vision. I have so many long term ideas for the brand rolling around in my head. From a T-shirt line all the way to some passive products I could create. I need to write these out and have some sort of plan in place for them so that when the time comes I have a foundation.

3. Business Plan. It is a serious goal for me to get A Love Worth Living For Blog & Shop licenses as a official business in 2016. I really want to have a business plan written up for it. I want to make sure I have a clear view of where I want this business to go. 

4. TWITTER! Darn it twitter. I just CAN NOT get into twitter. URG! Last month 0.01% of traffic came from Twitter. Ha. That's pitiful. I see others reports and twitter is a decent referrer. I have go to get better at utilizing it as a traffic resource and also just a good way to connect with others. 

5. Printables! I want to incorporate some free printable with blog posts. Just gotta figure out how to do that...

That's all for this report! What do ya think? Not to bad for my first monthly report right?

Let me know which bloggers have monthly traffic and income reports that you love to read! I want to check them out! 

As always thank you guys for reading!(:

Keep Loving,