How To Clean Candle Jars and Pasta Jars - DIY

Random fact about me: I hoard jars. I honestly don't think it's hoarding if they will serve a practical purpose...eventually, but that's probably what every hoarder says about everything they hoard. I have a could diy's coming up soon that involve old jars so first things first lets discuss how to clean candle jars and how to get the labels and glue off of old past jars. I have watched a couple "How To Clean Candle Jar" videos and seen that they put the jars in the freezer then use a butter knife to stab and twist the wax out. I have tried this a could times and just shattered several jars so here is the best way to clean candle jars a get those sticky labels off of jars. 

As I have stressed I have tons of jars and finished's a problem.


Fill up the sink with hot water and a little soap. I am not sure if the soap does anything but hey, if Dawn can get oil off of penguins and ducks surely it can't hurt. Put all the pasta jars in the soapy water to soak while we work on the candle jars. Make sure to fill the sink up well over the jars because we are going to add the candle jars. 


Boil some water. Once the water is boiling I usually turn the burner off so the heat isn't too intense for my hands to be near. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL. 


Hold the candle in the water. Make sure the water comes up the outside of the jar past the wax and hold it there. DO NOT SUBMERSE THE CANDLE! You do not want water inside with the wax. That's a recipe for a mess. Once you notice the wax pooling around the edges you can take it out of the hot water and using a rag just tip the jar over and let the wax disk fall out. Some times you will have to use a butter knife to work it loose but it should just fall out. 

Sometimes the little metal things that hold the wick in the candle are stuck to the bottom. you can force these free with a butter knife. Just be careful not to jab through and shatter the glass. That has never happened to me but I guess if you are strong enough it's possible. 

Once the wax it out you can take a paper towel and wipe out the rest of the melted wax and even that burnt black wax. After that just drop them in the soapy water. 


After a little while you can then go back to the food jar and the tables should literally just fall right off. If they need some peeling it should take too much effort if they've been soaking long enough. There may be some glue left over but that will wipe right away with a scrubby sponge. The candle jar's label should also peel off pretty easily...unless they are Yankee Candles.

Yankee Candles labels are tough to get off. If you are not careful when you pull them off they will leave a strange silver layer that is super tough to remove. I have found the easiest way to get the label off is by dipping the jar in boiling water and slowly pulling off the table while it's hot. That being said, be careful because it will be hot. 

There you have it! How to clean candle jars and old food jars! Now you're all set to go do all those lovely epicycle DIYs that are all over Pinterest!! Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any other questions! 

Now go and be crafty!!