This Is Our Biggest Sale Yet! - The Summer Vacay Sale!

Guys! I have exciting news! As my own summer vacation nears, I was inspired to have our first summer sale in celebration of sandy beaches and warm nights! This is our biggest sale yet! I honestly don't know how we could have a sale any bigger!!

The Summer Vacay Sale!!! From June 16th-19th get %15 off of your purchase! That alone is a great deal but I wanted to add something more! Get 15% off of your purchase PLUS get a free Tessa bracelet with every purchase of $50 or more! This is an awesome deal y'all and I'm not just saying that because it's my shop!! (:

Everything in the shop is of course eligible for the discount! Just use the code "SUMMERVACAY" at check out between the dates of July 16th-19th and get 15% off! Simply spend $50 or more and I will send you a free Tessa Bracelet! Any of y'all early Christmas shoppers better jump on this deal!

I am almost as excited about this sale as I am for my approaching vacation!!

I look forward to doing business with you guys! Thanks for reading! Make sure you are on our email list so that you get promotions and sales straight to your inbox! You wouldn't wanna miss some of the things we've got planned! 

We'll see you guys tomorrow!

Love y'all,