Nevertheless I Live | Oh, Wisconsin

Mike and I have now been in Wisconsin for…four weeks? Wow. Time flies. I am still loving being with my traveling husband. If you missed the post where I explained why we left home for a two week work trip that is now going on a month and a half, you can check that out here.

Anyways, Wisconsin. It has been fun. Here are some highlights.


Need I say more? I now understand why this state is the cheese state. They have AMAZING cheese! I don’t know how we’ll settle back into West Virginia pizza?! We found a pizza delivery place called Toppers and they have like 5 different types of cheese and you can control how much or little of each you want on your pizza online. I know other companies also have this feature but is the cheese Wisconsin cheese? It’s delicious! I have already told Mike we’ve got to step up our mozzarella game when we get home. We are going to have to splurge on better cheese. No more baggies of shredded cheese crap! 

The Mississippi River.

It’s huge y’all! Huge and gorgeous! We live right by the Kanawha River in West Virginia. That is my river reference. I thought it was a good size river. I googled and it’s about 280 yards across. At it’s widest the Mississippi River is two MILES across. Thats 3520 yards. Crazy. 

It’s just beautiful though. Mike and I have a couple of parks that are on the river that we have been picnicking at with Gharrah. One even has a tiny beach. We are taking Gharrah to the beach in a couple weeks and I was worried what she would think of the ocean. Her reaction to the tiny beach is in last months Document Your Life Video.

I think she will like it! 


Our hotel is two businesses down from this little restaurant called Edwardo’s. Mike and I decided to go here one day after work. They sell gourmet pizza and Italian foods. They are absolutely amazing! Best date spot ever…too bad it’s 13 hours from home. You walk in and it smells amazing. They have very low and soft lighting with candles on each table so it is way more romantic that expected. The feel is laid back though so it didn’t matter that we didn’t dress up or anything. The food is AMAZING. So good. I am anti left over and I will even eat these left overs. The servers are also so kind and attentive but not overly so. This place is my favorite.

I only hope we can hunt down an equivalent near home.

Woodland Creatures.

Gharrah LOVES Wisconsin because La Crosse (the town we’re in) got rid of all their stray cats apparently. A local told us this and I realized we haven’t any cats. Bunnies however. There are TONS of rabbits. It’s pretty crazy actually. Squirrels too but mostly rabbits. Gharrah goes nuts when she sees them. She also met a duck the other day. 

We are having a great time and I know Mike and I are making memories we will always love. We knew we wanted a life of adventure and that is what we have got. I am ready to go home however. Even for just a bit before heading out again. 

Thank you guys for reading and caring. 

Love y’all,