How To Break Free From The Grip Of Shame

I was recently offered an upgrade on a flight I was taking when I went to check in. I was eligible to upgrade to first class for around how much it was going to cost me to check the two bags I needed to get home with me. 

Being 7+ months pregnant the idea of a big plush comfy seat and extra drinks and snacks was very appealing. Plus it would cut my time in security down substantially which would be a blessing because standing for long periods of time these days is torture, so we did it!

This was my first time flying first class and I was pretty excited. However, once I got settled in my seat, people from the main cabin began to file in. It was then I heard that old familiar voice in the back of my mind. It whispered things like, “you are a phony,” “you shouldn’t be here,” and “people are going to notice that you don’t belong here.” 

You probably know that voice as well. That is the voice of shame. Shame tells you everything you are not, and it loves to lie and embellish. 

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Why A Good God Would Want You To Forgive

Most of us know that the Bible teaches that we have to forgive the people who let us down and hurt us but have you ever wondered why? Why would a so called “good” and “loving” God want us to forgive the people who have fallen short or who have brutalized or victimized us? Why should we forgive the people we're lucky to have survived? There are several reasons, and today we are going to break down three of them. (Three is my personal favorite.)

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Why God Is Not Like Your Dad

Father is such an important role because our fathers are meant to point to the Father. When Jesus taught the disciples to pray in Matthew 6:9, He told them to start with “Our Father, which art in heaven.” It is such a big deal that God is our Father. Up until that point in history, God was Lord but then Jesus came and made a way for God to be Abba. Daddy. Father.

This post is for the ones lucky enough to have a father that was amazing, the ones who had a dad but he wasn't what you needed when you needed it, for the ones whose fathers were totally absent for some reason or another and for the ones whose fathers fall anywhere in between. This post is good news. 

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