Does God Hear Our Prayers After We've Sinned?

I am well acquainted with this lie. It is one that I still have to fight through. It seems so hard for us to consistently believe that God really really loves and not only that! He likes us. He enjoys our company even when we have been imperfect. He’s not tired of fixing our messes or helping us through our struggles and strongholds. 

We have to renounce partnership with this lie because it keeps us from reaching out and growing in intimacy with our Father. You need to know first and foremost that God’s position and fondness for you never changes. Any perceived distance or silence generally means that you have allowed imaginary walls to go up, but before we get into that let's look at where this lie comes from.

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Prayer - Where To Start When You Haven't For Too Long

You pray. You wouldn’t say that you never pray. You pray before meals with your family. You’re always willing to lead out with prayer at church or bible study. But when the idea of a prayer life comes up you rack your brain for the last time you remember getting alone and talking to God. 

The shame moves in like an old uninvited friend that you never know how to ask to leave. You love God. You believe that prayer is super important, but why can’t you seem to pray regularly? You know it’s been days, weeks, months and your new house guest, shame, convinces you that it is better to not think about it too much and instead keep moving forward.

Does this sound familiar to you? It could be the story of my Christian life up until a couple years ago. What do you do when you realize you haven’t prayed for far too long? Where do you start? 

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How To Pray Consistently: How To Pray When You Don't Even Want To Want To

I wrote a post a couple of years ago on prayer called Where To Start When You Just Haven’t For Too Long, and that is still one of my most popular posts. I find it’s helped a lot of people who wanted to press back into prayer and communion with the Lord but weren’t sure they were welcome back. 

I also find there this other group of people who struggle with prayer because they don’t find much desire within themselves even to want to pray. I identify with these folks and have been in this position before as well. If you find yourself in that place today here are some things to consider.

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