Prayers For Hard Times - 5 Prayers For Strength During Hard Times

I get it. Some seasons of life can be so tough to endure. It can be hard even to know what to say to God. That’s why we’re going to look at 5 prayers for hard times based on 5 powerful passages of scripture. 

I am pretty open on this blog about the challenges I have faced. I went through a season where my marriage almost fell apart. My husband and I had several friendships end really badly. We lost two babies to miscarriage. 

As I am writing this post, we are two month into a move we made across the country. We are now over 1000 miles from home and family with our three-month-old baby where we know no one. 

Life is full of seasons of hard times. Today I want to share some verses and how I would turn these verses into prayers for strength in difficult times. You were created for a life of abundance and joy in the Father, but unfortunately, in this life we have troubles. What are some bible verses for anxiety and fear that we can turn to find rest and freedom? 

I am glad you asked.

Today we are breaking down some of my absolute favorite passages and verses about anxiety and fear. We are going to see what the bible says about fighting fear and worry. And of course, I am going to do my darnedest to remind you how crazy loved you are. 

Let’s go!

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God Is Not Mad At You & Here's Why

The idea that God is this big angry guy in the sky dishing out judgment and cancer is a common one. Maybe you had a hot head for a parent, or maybe your Sunday school teacher was the hail and brimstone type.

There’s just something about a love that claims to know no bounds and be wholly unconditional that tends to freak us out. We don’t see ourselves as deserving of such a love. We get confused, and we think that God will treat us how we treat us.

The truth is God is not mad at you and He does not treat us how we tend to treat us. He doesn’t treat the way we deserve and here is why. 

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5 Habits Of An Aspiring Prayer Warrior - Establishing A Life Of Prayer

The theme of the last two years for me has been prayer. My understanding of the power and purpose of prayer has grown more than ever. These years more than any other in my life I have felt a gentle pulling on my soul to draw closer to God. 

I don’t know how your prayer life is, but I can admit that at the start of 2016 mine was nonexistent. I was heartbroken and had suffered a loss that I was fighting to keep from blaming God. Speaking with Him was just not on my list of things to do. Somewhere during the year that changed. God healed my heart and my desire for a deeper relationship with Him began to grow exponentially. 

We all long for something more. We all want that deep connection with the Lord and the power of prayer working in our lives. The good news is that connection is available to every believer! It's a birthright. All we've got to do is steward our hearts and time well. Here are some of my tips for growing and cultivating a deeper prayer life!

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Prayer - Where To Start When You Haven't For Too Long

You pray. You wouldn’t say that you never pray. You pray before meals with your family. You’re always willing to lead out with prayer at church or bible study. But when the idea of a prayer life comes up you rack your brain for the last time you remember getting alone and talking to God. 

The shame moves in like an old uninvited friend that you never know how to ask to leave. You love God. You believe that prayer is super important, but why can’t you seem to pray regularly? You know it’s been days, weeks, months and your new house guest, shame, convinces you that it is better to not think about it too much and instead keep moving forward.

Does this sound familiar to you? It could be the story of my Christian life up until a couple years ago. What do you do when you realize you haven’t prayed for far too long? Where do you start? 

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5 Books That Will Radically Change Your Prayer Life

We were created to crave intimacy. We want to be known, and we want to be pursued. People can never satisfy these desire. These are God-sized longings. The reason we lack the deep and satisfying prayer life we need is usually due to a lack of understanding of how God feels about you and how He sees you.

I am sharing five books that completely changed my prayer life. These books challenged me and stretched my understanding of God’s love and as a result deepened my intimacy with Him and increased my hunger to want to be in communication with Him.

Here are the five books and what I think you will take away from each. Also as a disclaimer, this post does contain affiliate links to the books on Amazon. Know that I value your time and trust, and I would NEVER recommend anything that I don’t fully love and stand behind. You can click any of the book titles or images to put them on your Amazon wishlist! Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re going to love these!

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