I've Got New Music Suggestions For You + A Giveaway!

Music is amazing! It changes your mood. It amplifies your emotions. It draws our hearts closer to whatever the song is glorifying. If that's pain, we'll be drawn to worshiping our pain. If the music is about sadness or loneliness (I am guilty of loving a good breakup song...) we will stew in our own sadness. Angry music makes me drive fast. Love songs make me want to take a road trip with my honey. Music is powerful!

Christian music is especially powerful. It's a great way to keep the Lord and positivity on the front of your mind. Music that is filled with praise and worship will help you to remain in an attitude of thankfulness! I challenge you to fill at least 60% of the music you listen to with Christian music and watch and see your attitude improve.

To help you guys out I have some new album suggestions + my friends at Capitol CMG have sent me these CDs to giveaway to a couple of you!

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10 Songs To Help When You Feel Alone

Hey guys! This week me and a couple of friends went to see Miracles from Heaven & it was so good! One of the main themes of the movie was the fact that we as believers are never alone. God never leaves us. Even when life is hard, His love remains steadfast and unconditional. 

One of the greatest lies in my life has been that I am alone. I was battling this crazy lie yesterday and one of my go to methods (when I am tired of wallowing in self pity) is to put on some praise music and change my attitude and atmosphere. 

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