I've Got New Music Suggestions For You + A Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you guys had a great short week! Today I have something super exciting to share with you guys! New Music! You all I love music. Specifically, I love music that reminds me of the goodness and love of God. 

Music is amazing! It changes your mood. It amplifies your emotions. It draws our hearts closer to whatever the song is glorifying. If that's pain, we'll be drawn to worshiping our pain. If the music is about sadness or loneliness (I am guilty of loving a good breakup song...) we will stew in our own sadness. Angry music makes me drive fast. Love songs make me want to take a road trip with my honey. Music is powerful!

Christian music is especially powerful. It's a great way to keep the Lord and positivity on the front of your mind. Music that is filled with praise and worship will help you to remain in an attitude of thankfulness! I challenge you to fill at least 60% of the music you listen to with Christian music and watch and see your attitude improve.

To help you guys out I have some new album suggestions + my friends at Capitol CMG have sent me these CDs to giveaway to a couple of you!

1. Urban Rescue: Wild Heart

I had never heard of this group until now & I have been missing out! My favorite tracks on the album so far are Never Stop, Song of the Father & Kaleidoscope. Never Stop & Kaleidoscope are upbeat and fun to dance around the house too. Song of the Father is beautiful! I have been obsessed with Zephaniah 3:17 which says that the Lord is rejoicing over us with singing.

My prayer lately has been that the Lord would quiet my soul that I could better listen to that song that He's singing over me. This song says "...I can hear You singing over me. Through the fire and the flood, I know that I am loved. I can hear You singing over me." Beautiful!

You can click here check out samples and get the album on iTunes.

2. NF: Therapy Session

There are two genre's of music that I want playing in my car at all times. Worship music which means music that's recorded live and each song is like 10 minutes long. The other is Christian rap. This CD is for sure going into my cars sacred 6 CD line up. I own a couple NF tracks but I am excited to have a whole album of his. 

Guys, this one is soooooo good! From the first track to the last it's gold. It's aggressive and so real. Therapy Session is a great name for this album.

You can click here check out samples and get the album on iTunes.

3. Social Misfits: The Misfit Generation

I hadn't heard of this group either but I am now a total misfit! I am in the Social Club. This album is just an EP & it's only like $4 y'all! If you are into lighter rap or even spoken word type stuff then you will love this. My favorite song on here is called Marriage Goals. It talks about how great marriage is and the chorus talks about getting away together on an island. I, of course, sent these lines to my husband because I am ready for some romantic vacation time y'all. 

You can click here check out samples and get the album on iTunes.

These albums are great, y'all. All of them are under $10 right now on iTunes. Check them out. 

Now for the giveaway! It's super simple. It opens today and it will run for one week. You need to be at least 18 years old or have permission to enter and give me your mailing address should you win.

Make sure you guys check out Capital CMG. They represent tons of awesome Christian music artists! So if music is your thing, they are well worth the follow: Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram

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I am also going to be giving away a fourth CD, Hillsong Young & Free's Youth Revival, over on my Instagram so make sure that you're following me there!

See you soon,