How To Be A Tremendous Person

 Who doesn’t want to be better? A better friend. A better mother, sister, wife. A better daughter, niece, employee? There something in us that makes us want to be better. We are a reflection of a perfect and holy God and as long as we are walking with Him in this life we are always improving. Our character becoming more and more like His. 

Today I want to just quickly share something I have been reflecting on lately. What makes a tremendous person tremendous? Tremendous means extremely good or impressive. That’s a huge word nevertheless does someone come to mind when you think of that definition? 

Who someone in your life that you think is a tremendous person? What about this person makes them fit this definition in your mind? What is it about this person’s character and behaviors that make them stand out to you? 

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How To Be Selfless In A Selfie World

It is still crazy to me that the word “selfie” is such a part of our everyday vocabulary. We are living in a selfie world. We have special sticks to help us take them. We have a few incredibly annoying “songs” all about taking them. We have hundreds of apps and filters to make us look better than we really do in them. Most of us have that 4 year old niece or cousin that’s better at taking them than you are. I even saw a celebrity giving a tour of her house and she had a whole section filled with commercial grade lighting and props just for taking her selfies… It’s crazy. 

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