7 Verses For The Struggling Marriage

People warned us that the first year was the hardest. I am pretty sure those people have no idea what they are talking about because it was the second year that almost took us both out. When our marriage was falling apart, and talk of divorce began to come up, these are the verses to which I turned. 

Today’s post is for my dear sisters out there are in a marriage that is struggling. You worry you’re failing and that you will never figure it out but you don’t want to give up, and you need encouragement to keep going. These verses are for you, my sweet friend. 

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Who To Take Relationship Advice From - And Who Not To

Someone once told me that opinions are like buttholes - everyone’s got one. I have always loved and lived by that piece of well-spoken wisdom. Everyone knows how you should be living your life or what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your relationships. Most people will be more than willing to share their inflated knowledge with you, usually without you even asking. 

When navigating marriage, there are so many hurdles and challenges to work through and overcome. You are going to need advice. You are going to need counsel and guidance. With opinions flying around from every side, how can you know who’s advice to take to heart and apply and who to just smile and nod at as their words just bounce off your forehead? How can you discern who's just talking out of their hind ends and who is actually offering genuine help and wisdom?

Today’s post is for my dear sisters out there are in a marriage that is struggling. You worry you’re failing and that you will never figure it out but you don’t want to give up, and you need encouragement to keep going. These verses are for you, my sweet friend. 

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How To Keep Loving When You Feel Neglected

A year ago my husband & I were in a very different place than we are now. Very different. I eventually gave up on the blog title idea but never deleted it. Going through my phone a couple months ago I came across the title again and this time I realized that it was never meant to be a blog post idea but a question from my heavy soul to my loving Father. 

I was a wife who felt very neglected but wanted to learn how to love in spite of how I felt. I wanted to learn to take charge of my feelings and emotions and love my husband even when I felt abandoned or believed he didn’t deserve it. 

Mike and I have had so much breakthrough and healing over the course of the last year. So now I sit once again to write out this post. This time I come to share all that the last year has taught me. If you are feeling neglected, abandoned or forgotten then this, my sweet friend, is for you.

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Verses About Marriage: The Best Verses For Your Marriage

I want nothing more than a life and marriage that glorifies the Lord to its full potential. I want my marriage to be as great as it possibly can be and I want it to display the Gospel to all that see it just by witnessing us. I want to help others. I want to learn and absorb as much wise counsel and scripture as I can and I want to apply it and share it out. 

I want the church to cherish marriage for the good gift that it is. With all that being said I am well aware that marriage is not easy. WELL AWARE. Mike and I are approaching our two year marriage anniversary and I honestly feel like we’ve been married for a decade after some of the things we have had to weather. 

I know it can be hard, but we have an ever present source of help when we need it. (Psalm 46:1) Today I want to share my favorite verses to read and pray over my marriage and why. 

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The Key To Loving Others The Way Christ Calls Us To

We are going to spend some serious time looking at 1 Corinthians 13 which is home to the infamous love chapter and we're just going to soak in all the wonderfulness that is in that passage. Before we dive into the different aspects of love I first want to share why I believe with all of my heart that it is crucial to understand that we cannot muster up the type of love that we are called to share on our own. We cannot achieve and sustain the type of beautiful love that is displayed for us in 1 Corinthians 13. 

We can, however, receive this perfect love from our Father who is pouring it out on us constantly. We can receive and be filled with His love and from that place of being filled we can overflow and let that love pour out of us and wash over those around us. Most of us believers are not fully aware of just how loved we are. 

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How To Discern His Needs From His Nags

I have been thinking about writing this post for months. I have had that awesome title written for even longer. No one likes a nag. No one enjoys being criticized. No one likes feeling inadequate or like they are just never enough. These things are all too common in marriage, though. How can we listen past the nagging and the criticism and hear what he is needing? How can we see past what's on the surface and through to what’s really happening in the hearts of our husbands? How can we respond with love and compassion rather than with hurt feelings and a great defense?

Great questions. We all know that stereotype that wives tend to be totally naggy. Y'all I did not know that husbands were just as guilty and capable of this nonsense as we are. I can’t say I have it all figured out but I do believe the Lord has been helping my husband and I work through these very issues lately. I know I have some tips and insights to share that will help you. Mike even helped me outline this post and gave lots of great feedback. 

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How To Be A Tremendous Person

 Who doesn’t want to be better? A better friend. A better mother, sister, wife. A better daughter, niece, employee? There something in us that makes us want to be better. We are a reflection of a perfect and holy God and as long as we are walking with Him in this life we are always improving. Our character becoming more and more like His. 

Today I want to just quickly share something I have been reflecting on lately. What makes a tremendous person tremendous? Tremendous means extremely good or impressive. That’s a huge word nevertheless does someone come to mind when you think of that definition? 

Who someone in your life that you think is a tremendous person? What about this person makes them fit this definition in your mind? What is it about this person’s character and behaviors that make them stand out to you? 

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