Verses for Stress: Scripture For Hope & Peace When Stressed & Burdened

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Stress is a heavy burden to bear and I think it weighs on us all often. Life moves so fast and we scramble to balance and juggle it everything while running this crazy life race. Sometimes we get tripped up and trampled over by stress and overwhelm. 

Did you know stress triggers you fight or flight reflex just like fear. When we are in a stressful situation and approaching overwhelm we will either fight back, flee and avoid or sometimes just freeze. I am pretty big about just pretending that all stressful things don’t exist. One of y favorite books growing up was called Confession of a Shopaholic. This woman was stressed! She shopped and shopped and then hid all the credit card bills in her freezer. I probably loved her because I identify with her. Bills don’t exist if you can’t see them right?

Anyways here are 10 wonderful Scriptures for Dealing with Stress.

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Loving Him When it's Hard: Scriptures to Help You Love Your Husband

Two becoming one can be as difficult and ridiculous as it sounds. I LOVE my husband and he LOVES me, but man, there are some moments where I find it extremely difficult to love him and I know myself well enough to know that there are times were it is difficult for him to choose to love me as well. 

I am still figuring out this marriage thing but I know that the passion and desire that I have to make the most of my marriage for God’s glory and to inspire other to do likewise is from my Father. Today I want to share some verses that help me to love my husband and really anyone (but especially my husband) when it is difficult. 

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