How To Create A Daily Worship and Prayer Time - June Worship Playlist & Prayer Guide

I LOVE praise and worship. I am a big believer that your experience with it corporately at church on Sundays is a reflection of your private praise and worship time. 

Lately, I have been trying to focus on better hosting the presence of God in my home. It is important to me that Judah grow up experiencing the Father through the day to day details and actions of his father and me. 

So we have been spending the first hour or so of the morning together listening to worship music and saying a little prayer together. I pray, and he contributes a few “da da da's” and “buhbye’s.” 

I pick 4 to 5 songs that feel relevant to my current circumstances and create a playlist that we listen to for a few weeks. I love picking songs with truths I struggle to believe or wrap my head around and playing them until I feel like my soul believes the words I am declaring through them. 

 These playlists will be a new ongoing series. Members of our community get pdf guides to accompany the playlist. If that interests you then know you are of course invited to join our community of thousands of praying women below! 

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30 Life-Giving Bible Verses About Struggle

Jesus told us in this life we would have trouble. (John 16:33) These Bible verses about struggle are the perfect place to turn when you find yourself surrounded by challenged, adversity and hardships.

Regardless of the circumstances causing your struggle there is hope in the midst of trials. As the saying goes “life is tough but so are you.” With the help of the Father you are stronger than the struggle. 

Our prayer is that among these verses about struggling you will find some a few that help you keep your eyes and focus on Jesus so that you can rise about the waves. You were created to thrive even in life’s stormy seasons. 

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How To Keep Loving When You Feel Unheard

We all have this deep need to be known and understood. We long to be heard and accepted. In spite of these needs that we all share, we tend to be terrible at meeting this need in others without doing some serious work to grow in self-awareness. 

So how can we love others when we feel entirely unheard by them? How can we continue to listen when it seems our words are falling on deaf ears? How can we pursue connection when it seems all the other person is interested in is distance?

I know that it is possible and I know that you can become really really great at it and I know that if you do the work necessary all of your marriage and relationships have a great chance of improving and strengthening. 

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27 Amazing Bible Verses About Serving Others

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Bible tells us to care for the poor, to help the widowed and orphaned and to serve our brothers and sisters in the faith. These Bible verses about serving others show us what that looks like.

Mike and I have been practicing growing in our hospitality. If you like us have this growing desire to be more of a blessing to those around you and to truly change the world by changing your world one person at a time then these verses on helping others is a great place to start!

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My Advice To Those Thinking Of Giving Up | Part 2 of 2

Last week we started this two-part series dedicated to anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to throw in the towel and maybe just take a nap. If that is you, trust me I feel you. I have a mind full of ideas and dreams, but I also have a life full of obstacles and limitations to overcome. In part one we discussed evaluating who you are working for, considering a timeout and we acknowledged the fact that nothing is ever too dead for God. If you missed it, it was awesome, and you can go back and check it out by clicking here. 

This week I have four more things too seriously consider before you give up. Before we dive in, I just want to reiterate the exception for this post. This post’s advice does not apply to you if what you want to give up on is a marriage or life itself. This is only a two-part series and a simple blog post, and those two topics are far too complex to get advice from the internet. Please read the full disclaimer in part one but know I suggest you find some Christian counseling for either of those topics. 

So now without further ado, let’s dive in. 

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My Advice To Those Thinking Of Giving Up | Part 1 of 2

As I write this post, I am also ministering to myself. I have a heart full of dreams, from businesses to trips to children and some obstacles rise up and try to shake my faith. If this is you today, if you just want to give up, know that I understand where you are.

This blog and business has been a lifetime dream of mine, and after two years of pouring my heart into it, there are days where I sit back and wonder if it is even worth it? Is it helping anyone? Is there anyone out there? Does this matter? 

We all have dreams, jobs, and goals and because life is life, there will be times where the circumstances stop you in your tracks and make you question if there is even a point in continuing. I think there are several things to take into consideration with a question like this so today we start a mini-series that I hope blesses your socks off, lifts some burden from your shoulders and stokes the passion of your heart.

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The Five Love Languages: Why They Matter

It is a basic human need to love and be loved. It’s what we all want but it can be difficult to achieve. This is where the love languages come in.

I am always analyzing the people around me and trying to figure out what their dominant languages and Enneagram types are. Love Languages are an extraordinary and powerful tool that I just don't think many people are utilizing and I think that’s because though many people have heard of them, few people know why they matter. So here is why Love Languages matter.

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