37 Incredible Bible Verses About Blessings

The Bible is full of incredible and powerful verses about blessing. This is important because these verses are loaded with promises and what you can expect from the Father.

I am a big believer in finding the promises of God and the blessings He showers on His children and clinging to them. Life gets crazy at times. It can be hard and chaotic and hectic and sometimes downright painful.

It’s in challenging circumstances that having these verses about blessings to hold onto and to remind yourself of the goodness of the Father. 

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37 Verses To Remind You Who You Are In Christ | Identity in Christ Verses

Today we’re talking identity in Christ. When we accept Jesus for who He is, we become entirely new creatures. (2 Corinthians 5:17) We've gained a brand new identity as well as gifts and callings. We become children of the Father. 

Problem is many us never really take the time to dive in and discover all that we now are in Christ. 

So we are sharing some verses with you to remind you who you are in Christ. Verse lists like this one are great to keep on your phone and laptop at all times to remind yourself who you are and to share with others who find themselves smack dab in the middle of an identity crisis. 

Here are 37 verses to help you remember your identity in Christ. 

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How To Hear The Voice Of God - You CAN Actually Hear From Him

Hearing from God always seemed like this mystical and unreachable highly spiritual thing. When people would say they “heard from God,” I would either scoff in cynicism thinking they were just trying to look holy or I would flinch in jealousy that I had no idea what they meant or how to hear from Him myself.

Maybe you feel the same way. Perhaps you’ve heard Him a time or two but nowhere near as much as other seem to or you would like to. Maybe you’ve never heard His voice. You would love to be able to hear from the Father and think of Him as a close friend, but you are just not sure how to get there. 

Trust me. I get it.

Let’s pull back the veil and remove the misconceptions. Let really talk about how you go about hearing from God in your life. Here is what I’ve learned on the journey so far that will help you learn to hear His voice more clearly.

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39 Beautiful Bible Verses

The Bible is full of beauty that inspires awe at the love and majesty of our Father. Find encouragement and sweet reminders of the Father’s love for you in these beautiful Bible verses. 

I have gone through the whole book and pulled out 39 verses that are truly beautiful. Now we believe there is beauty in all of scripture, but these verses spark something in us as we read them. 

These are the ones we highlight or make into decorations for our homes. These are the verses we return to over and over for reminders of just how wonderful our Father is, how wildly He loves us and all that we now are in Him.

We pray you find what you are looking for in these beautiful Bible verses!

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27 Comforting Psalms: Psalms to Comfort the Grieving, Overwhelmed, & Hurting

The Psalms are packed full of the pure and honest heart cries of people who found themselves in all sorts of circumstances. I love the honesty with which they felt free to approach God. 

The vast majority of Psalms came pouring out of a heart wrought with pain and turmoil. Most of them are laments. They are the songs of the people of God crying out to Him in the midst of loss, persecutions, obstacles, trials, and heartaches. 

The Psalms are a beautiful haven when life is tough because they remind us of the power found in praise and worship regardless of our distresses. They point us to the comfort found in His presence, even in the midst of pain, when we remember how wonderfully faithful and kind He is.

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The Message Your Heart Needs To Hear From The Father

We’re all about helping you to navigate the challenging seasons of life and reminding you that you are loved more than you could ever imagine by the Father.

That’s why I created this graphic quiz. I used to love these in teenybopper magazines where you find out what hair color you should wear or what celebrity crush best suits you.

I hope we achieved a bit more depth with our than those did. We want to help you discover a message your heart needs at the moment from the father. Different seasons call for different messages and reminders, so we pray you get a little encouragement regardless of your current circumstances.

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6 Ideas To Get More Scripture Into A Busy Life

If you are anything like me, you’re probably pretty busy and super interested in ways to get more scripture into your busy life. Struggling to find time for meaningful Bible study can be a significant source of stress and shame, but today I want to share some simple ways to say no to shame and get more out of your Bible study time even when you are pressed for time.

I wear a lot of hats. I am a new mom. I am a wife. I run a business. Those are just my most labor-intensive hats. I understand the struggle of managing your time and making sure that you are keeping your relationship with the Lord a priority. 

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