29 Best Bible Verses For A Broken Heart

The curve balls life throw at us sometimes can be heartbreaking. When it feels like things are falling apart, there is a place to turn to find solid footing and comfort. These Bible verses for a broken heart are some of my very favorites in all scripture and are sure to point you towards healing and encouragement. 

As someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, I am quite familiar with heartbreak. Regardless of what has broken your heart, it is our goal today to give you a bunch of Scriptures that will point you back to the truth that there is a Father in heaven who loves you more than you can ever imagine. He sees the burden you are carrying and cares about your pain. He will never leave you, especially when you are hurting.

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6 Books That Will Transform Your Marriage

Marriage can be a circus sometimes. The process of two becoming one is not as easy and magical as you expect it to be when you stand at that altar and make your vows. Even the truth that we actually made vows to each other is not a reality that is often thought about in the trenches of holy matrimony.

I LOVE marriage. I think it is a beautiful gift from the Father. I love that we get to do life with our best friends. I like that we get to knock the rough edges off of each other and make the other a little better each season.

I am also aware of the reality that marriage is not always easy. It takes a lot of work to help it grow, to keep it healthy, and to maintain connection and healthy communication. These books I am sharing today are not your usual marriage guru written books. They probably won’t be on a ton of other lists.

Nevertheless they have each transformed Mike and I’s marriage in some area or another. These are the books I will forever recommend to married people and singles alike. They are full of helpful tools that will work for any relationship but in a marriage they are super life giving.

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39 Powerful Bible Verses For Healing And Strength

God’s heart for you is that you be healthy and prosper. (3 John 1:2) Unfortunately, life can be tough at times, and attacks and chaos occasionally find us. When your circumstances are challenging, these Bible verses for healing and strength are sure to stir you up, point you back to truth and encourage you. 

The Bible has tons to say about healing, and it faithfully points our distracted, weary and wondering hearts back to the source of our strength. If you are in need today for either healing or strength, I pray these verses bless you and restore to you a greater hope!

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5 Things To Consider When Your Husband Lets You Down

Sometimes husbands are disappointing. It’s simply inevitable when we decide to marry another flawed human being. From unmet expectations to unkept promises and forgotten plans, them letting us down from time to time, unfortunately, is bound to happen.

It is important how we respond to these situations. We believe the goal of marriage and conflict within marriage should always be connection. That’s what we all want, right? To feel connected and loved and known by our husbands.

As someone who tends to romanticize EVERYTHING, Mike has let me down on more than one occasion. Some more significant situations and most smaller but still challenging. These are some tips and practices we have learned over the years so far. 

I am aware that there are different degrees of let down. Some let downs do substantial damage. I believe this post can help in all situations, but for the more extreme disappointments like betrayal and the like, I highly suggest seeking help outside of your home if you are interested in working through the problem. 

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5 Things Loss Has Taught Me About God

It can be tough to imagine any good coming from painful losses. My husband and I have suffered two miscarriages and the pain and shock they bring. After having walked through both of those hard seasons, I would love to share what I learned about the Father. 

I will start by saying when we lost our first baby in 2015 I blamed God. It was in that season I realized I wasn’t sure who He was or how He could be trusted. The next year was a healing journey for me, and the Father continued to pursue my heart and teach me about His nature and He response to loss. 

When we lost our second baby in 2017, I clung to my Father as best as one can when facing that kind of pain. Mike and I both, declared we would not blame Him for this loss, and we tried our best to invite Him into our mourning as we knew this grieved His heart too. 

We don’t understand it all. We don’t have everything figured out, but we have, from our losses, learned who He is and today I want to share. 

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How God Really Feels About You

A sad reality is that tons of believers don’t actually know how the Father feels about them. We tend to make up these narratives, and we imagine that God responds to us the way that we would respond to us.

I lived quite a bit of my Christian life believing that God was this distant, Gandolf the Grey looking deity in the sky which looked down on me with apathy. I thought He just wasn’t that interested or involved in the details of my life but that He was very much keeping score.

I imagined when I sinned or fell short that He was angry and I would even have this imagery in my head of Him turning away from me, punishing me with the silent treatment — washing His hands of me until I did enough to earn His love and favor back.

I believed this because this is how I learned people responded to my shortcomings and mistakes. Imagine the freedom when I learned that none of that was true!

The truth is that He is crazy about you. Let’s look at some key points and verses that reveal just how much the Father loves you.

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35 Powerful Bible Verses About Trust

Trust is such a personal and experience based concept. Learning to trust God requires getting to know Him and building a history with Him that testifies of His faithfulness. Today we are going to break down 35 powerful Bible verses about trust.

These verses on trusting God reveal what it means to trust and how to go about building that trust. They also point to why God is so incredibly trust worthy!

My journey with this has been a process. It took me facing a huge challenge to realize that I didn’t trust the Father. These verses helped me learn who He is and reminded me of all that He’s done and from that place trust began to grow!

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