Three Things To Give Away This Week

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…and probably again after that. The answer to the age old question, “How to be happy” lies in servanthood. Do you want to be happy? Do you want a life of joy? I am telling you the way to achieve that is by taking the role of a servant. May sound crazy I know, but there is just something that happens in your heart when you stop focusing on yourself and embrace others. Something happens when we stop worrying about our problems and start trying to be the solutions to others problems. When we step out of our own little worlds and into the other people’s we find purpose. A life with purpose is a happy life.

So with that in mind today I thought we’d discuss giving. Today I am sharing 3 things to give away this week! My goal this week is to remind you that you have something to add to the world! 

Time & Energy

There are things other than money to give away! Your time and energy also have a great and sometimes priceless value! 

Volunteering is awesome way to give time and energy away, but also keep in mind that you likely have people all around you that could use some of your time and energy. Parents in need of house work. Siblings in need of sitters. Church families in crisis in need of attention or just a prepared dinner. Friends that just need a sympathetic ear. 

You could also invest time into a rescue mission or crisis pregnancy center in your area. I spent 5 years working for my local rescue mission so I know first hand that there is a ton of stuff in those places that needs done. They usually have offices, food distributions and monthly mailings that all need volunteers, if you’re into office type tasks. If people are more your interest they usually also have shelters for men and women with children as well as soup kitchens and thrift stores!

Encouragement & Praise

I think people talk to much without ever actually saying anything of meaning. Words are powerful vessels. Giving away praise and encouragement though is something I have always found happiness in doing. This requires you to come out of your own head and the constant noise you have in there to start to notice the good in others. This one takes work. You'll have to purposefully watch and search for the good in others. With some people this will be a piece of cake. With others, you are going to have to do some searching.

Make it a life habit to comment on that goodness when you spot it in others. Tell your spouse you appreciate them. Look the bagger in the eye at the grocery store and thank them and tell them you hope they have a great day. Tell a younger sibling how proud you are of them. Tell the trouble teen that you see a lot of potential in him.

Giving goes so much further than just money. Make the most of your words. Be a giver of kind words that encourage others and see how happy it can make you. 

Stuff & Money

Everyone has a bunch of stuff that we never use or wear that someone else would put to good use. Mike and I recently went through my closet and bagged up all of the clothes that I don't wear but were in great condition to take to the local rescue mission. We have tons of gifts in our basement that were just wedding present duplicates that we really need to find families that need them. 

You can give things other than money away and have a huge impact on others BUT you should still give money away. Now I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but hear me out. We usually do not give because we don’t think that we have a substantial amount to give. That is faulty thinking my friend. 

Whether you have 5 dollars to give away or 1,000, every dollar counts. Mike and I started setting a small amount of money aside for when the Lord shows us were to direct it. I have to be honest and tell you that I was not a fan of the idea at first but I am seeing it be a huge blessing to people. If you have to set aside a small amount each week for giving and the Lord will show you the right place to direct it. 

So there you have it! How to be happy! Three things to give away this week! If you want more ideas you can check out this post where I share 3 Complements to Give Away This Week

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Thank you guys for reading. I hope you have an awesome week!