The Key To Overcoming Fear of Rejection

I remember the night I got saved. I cried myself to sleep because I was so wonderfully overwhelmed by the fact that if I died I would go to heaven and be with Jesus. I was overwhelmed that Jesus would want to spend all of eternity with me. I am still overwhelmed that He choose to give His life just to make a way to spend forever with me.

Still, life goes on. Even as a Christian people will turn you away. They will reject you and offend you. How do we deal with these situations? How do we deal with rejection in a way that keeps us from retaliating and sinning in our anger? How do we find a way to love in the midst of rejection? I have been going through this quite a bit lately and I think I have some tips and encouragements  to share. This is just some stuff that the Lord has been sharing with me. 

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