7 Verses For The Struggling Marriage

People warned us that the first year was the hardest. I am pretty sure those people have no idea what they are talking about because it was the second year that almost took us both out. When our marriage was falling apart, and talk of divorce began to come up, these are the verses to which I turned. 

Today’s post is for my dear sisters out there are in a marriage that is struggling. You worry you’re failing and that you will never figure it out but you don’t want to give up, and you need encouragement to keep going. These verses are for you, my sweet friend. 

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How To Keep Loving When You Feel Neglected

A year ago my husband & I were in a very different place than we are now. Very different. I eventually gave up on the blog title idea but never deleted it. Going through my phone a couple months ago I came across the title again and this time I realized that it was never meant to be a blog post idea but a question from my heavy soul to my loving Father. 

I was a wife who felt very neglected but wanted to learn how to love in spite of how I felt. I wanted to learn to take charge of my feelings and emotions and love my husband even when I felt abandoned or believed he didn’t deserve it. 

Mike and I have had so much breakthrough and healing over the course of the last year. So now I sit once again to write out this post. This time I come to share all that the last year has taught me. If you are feeling neglected, abandoned or forgotten then this, my sweet friend, is for you.

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The Key To Overcoming Fear of Rejection

I remember the night I got saved. I cried myself to sleep because I was so wonderfully overwhelmed by the fact that if I died I would go to heaven and be with Jesus. I was overwhelmed that Jesus would want to spend all of eternity with me. I am still overwhelmed that He choose to give His life just to make a way to spend forever with me.

Still, life goes on. Even as a Christian people will turn you away. They will reject you and offend you. How do we deal with these situations? How do we deal with rejection in a way that keeps us from retaliating and sinning in our anger? How do we find a way to love in the midst of rejection? I have been going through this quite a bit lately and I think I have some tips and encouragements  to share. This is just some stuff that the Lord has been sharing with me. 

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