29 Best Bible Verses For A Broken Heart

The curve balls life throw at us sometimes can be heartbreaking. When it feels like things are falling apart, there is a place to turn to find solid footing and comfort. These Bible verses for a broken heart are some of my very favorites in all scripture and are sure to point you towards healing and encouragement. 

As someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, I am quite familiar with heartbreak. Regardless of what has broken your heart, it is our goal today to give you a bunch of Scriptures that will point you back to the truth that there is a Father in heaven who loves you more than you can ever imagine. He sees the burden you are carrying and cares about your pain. He will never leave you, especially when you are hurting.

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How God Really Feels About You

A sad reality is that tons of believers don’t actually know how the Father feels about them. We tend to make up these narratives, and we imagine that God responds to us the way that we would respond to us.

I lived quite a bit of my Christian life believing that God was this distant, Gandolf the Grey looking deity in the sky which looked down on me with apathy. I thought He just wasn’t that interested or involved in the details of my life but that He was very much keeping score.

I imagined when I sinned or fell short that He was angry and I would even have this imagery in my head of Him turning away from me, punishing me with the silent treatment — washing His hands of me until I did enough to earn His love and favor back.

I believed this because this is how I learned people responded to my shortcomings and mistakes. Imagine the freedom when I learned that none of that was true!

The truth is that He is crazy about you. Let’s look at some key points and verses that reveal just how much the Father loves you.

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35 Powerful Bible Verses About Trust

Trust is such a personal and experience based concept. Learning to trust God requires getting to know Him and building a history with Him that testifies of His faithfulness. Today we are going to break down 35 powerful Bible verses about trust.

These verses on trusting God reveal what it means to trust and how to go about building that trust. They also point to why God is so incredibly trust worthy!

My journey with this has been a process. It took me facing a huge challenge to realize that I didn’t trust the Father. These verses helped me learn who He is and reminded me of all that He’s done and from that place trust began to grow!

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Trusting God In Seasons Of Transition & Change

Maybe you hate change, maybe you love it. Either way, it is completely inevitable. The ebbs and flows of life find us all.

Regardless of what season you are in, or what type of change you are facing or what your attitude towards the transition is, today we’re going to evaluate how to trust God in these circumstances.

His heart is always for us but these times of change and transition can be a massive distraction from His voice and all that He is doing around you and all that He is making available to you!

My OVER Qualifications

I know that first hand. In the last year (From the time of writing this) Mike and I have: Quit his good job that allowed us to travel all over the country for the last couple of years making great money, had a baby boy, moved 1,000+ miles from our home state, settle in Colorado, a new job and full-time school for him, moved house twice in 4 months and we're trying to find and pay into a new church. 

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37 Incredible Bible Verses About Blessings

The Bible is full of incredible and powerful verses about blessing. This is important because these verses are loaded with promises and what you can expect from the Father.

I am a big believer in finding the promises of God and the blessings He showers on His children and clinging to them. Life gets crazy at times. It can be hard and chaotic and hectic and sometimes downright painful.

It’s in challenging circumstances that having these verses about blessings to hold onto and to remind yourself of the goodness of the Father. 

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37 Verses To Remind You Who You Are In Christ | Identity in Christ Verses

Today we’re talking identity in Christ. When we accept Jesus for who He is, we become entirely new creatures. (2 Corinthians 5:17) We've gained a brand new identity as well as gifts and callings. We become children of the Father. 

Problem is many us never really take the time to dive in and discover all that we now are in Christ. 

So we are sharing some verses with you to remind you who you are in Christ. Verse lists like this one are great to keep on your phone and laptop at all times to remind yourself who you are and to share with others who find themselves smack dab in the middle of an identity crisis. 

Here are 37 verses to help you remember your identity in Christ. 

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How To Hear The Voice Of God - You CAN Actually Hear From Him

Hearing from God always seemed like this mystical and unreachable highly spiritual thing. When people would say they “heard from God,” I would either scoff in cynicism thinking they were just trying to look holy or I would flinch in jealousy that I had no idea what they meant or how to hear from Him myself.

Maybe you feel the same way. Perhaps you’ve heard Him a time or two but nowhere near as much as other seem to or you would like to. Maybe you’ve never heard His voice. You would love to be able to hear from the Father and think of Him as a close friend, but you are just not sure how to get there. 

Trust me. I get it.

Let’s pull back the veil and remove the misconceptions. Let really talk about how you go about hearing from God in your life. Here is what I’ve learned on the journey so far that will help you learn to hear His voice more clearly.

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