25 Life Lessons Learned By 25

I turned 25 in May and have wanted to write this post ever since. It took me a bit longer than planned to come up with 25 but here we go. Here are 25 of my favorite life lessons and discoveries from the first 25 years of my life.

1. Being bossy doesn't make you a good leader. I was born a natural leader and an oldest child. This mostly means I spent most of my life bossing around my younger siblings. 

2. Naps are awesome. I was the kid who literally never took a nap. I remember deciding I wasn't ever gonna nap in head start when they'd make us sleep with our heads on the desk. First off - that is not comfortable. Second - I have never been comfortable being out of control and my head down in a room full of people freaked even four year old me out. Oh but what I would give to have all those squandered naps back now. 

3. Wrongs committed against you are never your fault. When someone else does a terrible thing to you or you are just collateral damage, that is not your fault. When you are made a victim, that isn't your fault. 

4. Just because you have been victimized at some point or another in your life, doesn't mean you have to remain a victim forever. You actually shouldn't. Realize you were a victim. Past tense. Forgive. Heal. Move on. 

5. Being mean to people won't make you happy. As a former bully, I learned this through first hand experience. I would belittle and attempt to crush the spirits of others because I was so miserable. it made me feel strong, but it didn't make my depression any better or make my life something worth living. it gave me no purpose and that's what I think I was lacking. 

6. It is okay to be a night owl. Im not make me lazy just because my days start later and end later. I am my most creative at night and that's not a bad thing. 

7. Smiling really does improve your mood. Try it. 

8. Goofing off and acting out in school only ever hurt me.

9. Parents are human. Humans are not perfect. Man I wish I could tell 15 year old me this. 

10. God is more than a feeling. I was a church camp kid so I am familiar with the emotions that can get stirred up in an exciting church service. I was always hollowed out when I got home and I couldn't feel God...or rather those emotions. When I learned God  was more than a feeling I learned to pursue Him regardless of how I feel. 

11. Milk in large quantities is not good for the tummy. Curse my love of chocolate milk and slight lactose intolerance. I wish I could tell seven year old Andriana and her parents that she is not a hypochondriac making up tummy aches after breakfast cereal every morning to get out of school... hindsight right? 

12. Sleep is worth fighting for!! The body performs better when it's charged. Eight hours of sleep is a priority!! 

13. Dogs are great. I spent more than half of my life with a deep fear of dogs. there was this situation with a dog chase in my little red wagon... anyways it was traumatizing. I got my first puppy at 24 and I LOOOOVE her and my tolerance of all dogs has sky rocketed. 

14. There is immense power in our words. What we say about ourselves, others or our circumstances shapes what we think. It is important to learn to tame the tongue and always speak life!

15. Others people’s actions and attitude’s don’t justify or define my own. I am in charge of me. I choose how I behave. I choose what I will allow to influence my life.

16. The world does not revolve around me... I know. I was shocked too.

17. To make a friend you have to be a good friend. Being a good friend requires thinking of other more than yourself.

18. Serving others is a great way to kick depression. This is because depression makes us very selfish and self focused. It causes us to isolate ourselves and then we only have our problems to think about. Stepping out and finding other people in need and meeting those needs helps shift the focus and lift our spirits. 

19. Being your own boss is awesome! 

20. Joy ALWAYS comes in the morning. The Bible says “For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5 KJV) I have found this to be true. Heartache, loss & pain always give way to joy when we cling to God through it and wait for morning. 

21. Rejection is very hard to get over. The pain from it runs very deep and effects everything you do and all the relationships you makes…or don’t make. The only way I have found to cope with and get over rejection is through the One whom was also rejected by all those He cared for and has promised NEVER to reject us. His steadfast, unconditional & everlasting love can and will heal all of those places.

22. Forgiveness is a journey. It is also a choice. It does not mean to forget. It is a choice to take back the power that unforgiveness has over you. It is a daily task to choose not to remember the wrong against the person you’ve forgiven and not to bring it up against them. Forgiveness is not a feeling.

23. Your lineage does not have to define you. You create your legacy. Not your parents or your grandparents or anyone else. 

24. Who you were doesn't dictate who you are or will be. The past does not define your future. 

25. Life is worth living. 

Thank you guys for reading!! 

Love y'all,