29 Best Bible Verses For A Broken Heart

The curve balls life throw at us sometimes can be heartbreaking. When it feels like things are falling apart, there is a place to turn to find solid footing and comfort. These Bible verses for a broken heart are some of my very favorites in all scripture and are sure to point you towards healing and encouragement. 

As someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, I am quite familiar with heartbreak. Regardless of what has broken your heart, it is our goal today to give you a bunch of Scriptures that will point you back to the truth that there is a Father in heaven who loves you more than you can ever imagine. He sees the burden you are carrying and cares about your pain. He will never leave you, especially when you are hurting.

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39 Powerful Bible Verses For Healing And Strength

God’s heart for you is that you be healthy and prosper. (3 John 1:2) Unfortunately, life can be tough at times, and attacks and chaos occasionally find us. When your circumstances are challenging, these Bible verses for healing and strength are sure to stir you up, point you back to truth and encourage you. 

The Bible has tons to say about healing, and it faithfully points our distracted, weary and wondering hearts back to the source of our strength. If you are in need today for either healing or strength, I pray these verses bless you and restore to you a greater hope!

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What You Can Expect From God When Overwhelmed

I write this post today over the course of approximately 6 nap times. In this season of my life, I am a new mom to my sweet little 4-month-old son. My days are consumed with nursing, nap times and trying to keep my business moving forward to help my family. Overwhelm frequently knocks on my door these days.

I don’t know what your season of life looks like but I can assume if you are here reading this, maybe overwhelm has been harassing you lately as well.

If in the midst of a stressful season you’ve ever found yourself asking questions like, “Where is God when I am overwhelmed,” “What does He think about my overwhelm,” or “What can I expect from God in seasons where I am overwhelmed?” then this is for you.

Here are some verses that point us towards God’s heart for us when we find ourselves overwhelmed and what we can expect from Him when we are in over our heads.

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8 Best Bible Verses For Peace & Comfort

Life is constantly changing. Sometimes that's a great thing and sometimes those changes come with some serious challenges. Regardless of what life throws at us, the Bible is packed full of verses for peace, comfort and strength and how we can claim them in every season.

As you regulars may know Mike and I just had our first child. We are currently in the “newborn season” of life, and it is a lot of work, y'all. It’s so amazing and beautiful and exciting, but it is also exhausting and at times really frustrating and discouraging. 

In this season we have been discussing and claiming the peace of God more and more.

The bible is full of verses for peace and comfort so today I want to share some of the scriptures that we have really been clinging to. My prayer for you is that regardless of what season you find yourself in, that the peace of God would guard your hearts and minds. 

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Bible Verses on Depression - Encouragement For The Heavy Hearted

We all know there has been a problem in our culture when it comes to talking about and encouraging help for those who struggle with mental illnesses. Depression is so common among us, and yet we discuss it so very little. Ironically the bible has plenty to say about depression, sadness, and heaviness.

I am of the belief that seasons of depression will find us all and that there is nothing wrong, abnormal or scary about that if we as the church do our job to make sure that our people are ready to endure and triumph over the things that life will inevitably throw at us. 

I am someone who has struggled a great deal with depression throughout my life. I tend to have an abundance of huge emotions swirling all the time and at time sadness can be an overwhelming and familiar companion. Throughout my struggles, I have compiled verses of depression that encourage me and help to lift me out of that pit of despair and sorrow. 

I know these verses help as I have also shared them with other in trying times and seen the encouragement these truths brought to them. Without further ado, here is what scripture has to say to the depressed and heavy-hearted.

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How To Resist Being Taken Hostage By Your Emotions

I call it "the great downward spiral." At least that is what it feels like. It's like some weird shift in your mind where some disappointment or upsetting event triggers you and you fall right into the whirlpool of raging emotions and then begins the spinning. Some times you may not even know what set you off. Some days you just seem to wake up and the dark clouds settle over your mind for the day.

I imagine it’s like you are in a horse-drawn carriage, reigns in hand enjoying the ride and some inconsiderate comment, unmet expectation or hurt spooks your emotional horses and next thing you know they’re freaking out. In all the excitement you’ve dropped the reigns and lost control of your vehicle. You sit there watching the chaos and destruction you're causing but you have no clue how to reign it back in.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you then know you are not alone and I have some encouragement for you.

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Verses for the Overwhelmed Heart - 4 Scriptures to Fight Overwhelm & Fatigue

     We all know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed. I feel like I have been super acquainted with this feeling lately. From planning a wedding in less than three months to quitting my job to pursue my dreams, I have been a little overwhelmed. I currently feel like I am standing on a cliff looking across a huge Grand Canyon sized valley at my success with nothing but a couple 2x4's and a hammer at my feet trying to figure out how to even start building the bridge to get over there.

If you are in this place today as well, then here are some of my favorite scriptures for when life is just plain overwhelming. If you are not in this place you should still maybe jot these scriptures down for next time life sneaks up behind you and starts pelting you with expectations and deadlines.

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