Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle? - What To Do When It All Feels Like To Much

All my young adult life, I have heard well-meaning people say things like:  “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” I was always baffled when circumstances came that were way more than I was capable of handling on my own.

When life becomes too much, how do we reconcile that with that familiar phrase?

God won’t give us more than we can handle…right?


There is no verse in Scripture, at least none that I have found, that backs up this common claim.

I am not sure about whether or not God gives you more than you can handle, but I am confident that life indeed hands out more we can deal with in our strength. 

So what do we do when life hands us more than we can handle? What do we do when the circumstances are overwhelming us, and we feel like we are drowning in the chaos of our current realities?

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What To Do When Things Falls Apart

This is something I haven't shared a ton about publically but about a year and a half ago it would have seemed we’d lost everything. Mike and I know intimately how it feels when everything is falling apart. We’ve come out the other side of that tough season renewed and so excited to share some of the wisdom we acquired in what was one of the toughest seasons of our lives and our marriage. 

What do you do when everything is going wrong? Where is God when everything is crumbling? What comfort is there in the Bible when everything is falling apart? We want to shine some light on all of these questions.

If today you feel like everything is just falling apart and you are not sure what to do or even what to think then this post is just for you. We pray that this post helps to lift your spirit, give you some hope and nudges you closer to the Father. We pray that you also come through this season with a deeper intimacy with God and those closest to you.

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