How God Feels About Your Weird Phase

Today I wanted to share something close to my heart lately. I want to talk about weird phases. Ever said something like, “I don’t know…I’m just going through a weird phase…?”

I think we all have at some point. 

Our lives are marked by tons of “weird” phases. I feel like the queen of coping mechanisms. Some of my memorable (and shareable) ones include:

  • The summer in high school where I only wore miniskirts every day for months. 
  • The time I became obsessed with mobile gaming. All free moments…and even some that weren’t free were sacrificed to the great mobile games.
  • The season I decided I was never wearing jeans again.
  • The year I allowed my husband's opinions and approval to define me.

I could literally go on all day but I'll spare you.

These seasons of weirdness can look like anything and a lot of times they can come with a bit of shame. So today lets look at how God feels about your weird phase.

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God Is Not Mad At You & Here's Why

The idea that God is this big angry guy in the sky dishing out judgment and cancer is a common one. Maybe you had a hot head for a parent, or maybe your Sunday school teacher was the hail and brimstone type.

There’s just something about a love that claims to know no bounds and be wholly unconditional that tends to freak us out. We don’t see ourselves as deserving of such a love. We get confused, and we think that God will treat us how we treat us.

The truth is God is not mad at you and He does not treat us how we tend to treat us. He doesn’t treat the way we deserve and here is why. 

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What To Do When God Seems Silent

Here we are a quarter into the fresh new year and I wanted to offer some encouragement to you my friend from a place that is all too familiar to us all.

In my experience, this is around the time all our hopes and dreams for the year ahead can tend to fade as we realize the only thing that’s changed is the last digit in the date. 

New year. Same issues. 

The good news is that God’s character, faithfulness, love, and position legitimately never change. 

So today I want to talk about seasons where that doesn’t feel true. What do we do when God seems silent or far away?

Here are three tips for navigating through those challenging seasons. 

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My Advice To Those Thinking Of Giving Up | Part 2 of 2

Last week we started this two-part series dedicated to anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to throw in the towel and maybe just take a nap. If that is you, trust me I feel you. I have a mind full of ideas and dreams, but I also have a life full of obstacles and limitations to overcome. In part one we discussed evaluating who you are working for, considering a timeout and we acknowledged the fact that nothing is ever too dead for God. If you missed it, it was awesome, and you can go back and check it out by clicking here. 

This week I have four more things too seriously consider before you give up. Before we dive in, I just want to reiterate the exception for this post. This post’s advice does not apply to you if what you want to give up on is a marriage or life itself. This is only a two-part series and a simple blog post, and those two topics are far too complex to get advice from the internet. Please read the full disclaimer in part one but know I suggest you find some Christian counseling for either of those topics. 

So now without further ado, let’s dive in. 

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My Advice To Those Thinking Of Giving Up | Part 1 of 2

As I write this post, I am also ministering to myself. I have a heart full of dreams, from businesses to trips to children and some obstacles rise up and try to shake my faith. If this is you today, if you just want to give up, know that I understand where you are.

This blog and business has been a lifetime dream of mine, and after two years of pouring my heart into it, there are days where I sit back and wonder if it is even worth it? Is it helping anyone? Is there anyone out there? Does this matter? 

We all have dreams, jobs, and goals and because life is life, there will be times where the circumstances stop you in your tracks and make you question if there is even a point in continuing. I think there are several things to take into consideration with a question like this so today we start a mini-series that I hope blesses your socks off, lifts some burden from your shoulders and stokes the passion of your heart.

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What To Do When Things Falls Apart

This is something I haven't shared a ton about publically but about a year and a half ago it would have seemed we’d lost everything. Mike and I know intimately how it feels when everything is falling apart. We’ve come out the other side of that tough season renewed and so excited to share some of the wisdom we acquired in what was one of the toughest seasons of our lives and our marriage. 

What do you do when everything is going wrong? Where is God when everything is crumbling? What comfort is there in the Bible when everything is falling apart? We want to shine some light on all of these questions.

If today you feel like everything is just falling apart and you are not sure what to do or even what to think then this post is just for you. We pray that this post helps to lift your spirit, give you some hope and nudges you closer to the Father. We pray that you also come through this season with a deeper intimacy with God and those closest to you.

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