Trusting God In Seasons Of Transition & Change

Maybe you hate change, maybe you love it. Either way, it is completely inevitable. The ebbs and flows of life find us all.

Regardless of what season you are in, or what type of change you are facing or what your attitude towards the transition is, today we’re going to evaluate how to trust God in these circumstances.

His heart is always for us but these times of change and transition can be a massive distraction from His voice and all that He is doing around you and all that He is making available to you!

My OVER Qualifications

I know that first hand. In the last year (From the time of writing this) Mike and I have: Quit his good job that allowed us to travel all over the country for the last couple of years making great money, had a baby boy, moved 1,000+ miles from our home state, settle in Colorado, a new job and full-time school for him, moved house twice in 4 months and we're trying to find and pay into a new church. 

So trust me. I get it. Change is hectic, and it’s hard, and sometimes it hurts, but we have hope in a Father who is always for us.

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Change Is Unavoidable

Let's just get this out of the way. Change is unavoidable! Nothing except the Father stays the same. 

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that life is full of seasons and seasons are always changing. This is not something that we can avoid. 

This is actually good news because it reminds us that if you don’t like your current circumstances, you can rest assured that they will inevitably change. 

When change comes and the transition from one season to the next can feel shaky and the details unclear. When life is uncertain, and things are up in the air, we have to remember and cling to the fact that God is steady. 

Psalm 18:33 says that God makes us as sure-footed as a deer meaning we can move through these circumstances with grace and confidence that we won’t fall. 

When choices and tasks are crowding us and overwhelm is knocking at your door, He sets us in a spacious place. (Psalm 18:19)

If you are feeling stuck and unsure of what to do, remember He pulls us up out of the mire of this world, and He provided us with clarity and discernment. (Psalm 40:2)

 He Is Trustworthy

We’ve established that things change, but here is some good news to stand upon - God doesn’t. 

He doesn’t change. He stays the same faithful, constant Father regardless of what's happening around us.

Who always shows up to do the heavy lifting when we’re moving or when we’re facing some kind of obstacle? Dads. 

Confession: Until a couple of summers ago I had NEVER cut grass. NEVER. My dad just thought that was something he and my brother were to take care of and then I lived in apartments while single, so I just never had to.

A few summers ago Mike went out of town for work and would be gone a couple of MONTHS. I had to learn to cut grass…or I could call my father. I called my dad. He came, and he mowed, and I cleaned up and served him food. Showing up is what decent dads do.

The Father is going to keep showing up for you. Let Him do the heavy lifting!

Psalm 9:10 says, “Those who know your name put their trust in you.” Do you know His name? There is a lot to a name. The meaning of the Father’s names reveals His character and nature. The more we learn about His nature, the more we naturally trust Him. 

We have a whole post that focuses on trust God more in general. It’s called How To Trust God (creative, I know) and you can read it here!

 All Things Work For Your Good

So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. Romans 8:31 TPT

Whether the change you are going through is good or bad, He will see you through it and work good through it. 

If your period of transition comes with a lot of needs and uncertainties, remember that He is a provider. 

Learn to expect good. Let yourself daydream about all the ways your Father is going to show up and help or provide for you. 

One year we needed a car desperately. We had hit the road for Mike’s job, and we had no vehicle to travel within the town let alone to the next job. I allowed my imagination to run wild with my wish list of things I wanted our car to include.

We have a VERY modest budget, but then one day a vehicle appeared on Craig’s list of all places, and it checked every single box I had wished up, AND it fell within our price range almost TO THE DOLLAR! We still love this vehicle! It even came with four whelm drive which is invaluable now that we are in Colorado.

He wants to help you and bless you. Expect Him too. Allow yourself to dream even when things are looking bleak, and you’re not sure how they can work out. He does some of His best work in those conditions. 

You Are Not Alone

When everything begins to fall apart or when significant changes are on the horizon, it is super easy to become distracted. Practice being mindful of His presence. 

Lately, when I am feeling overwhelmed with all the changing and challenges in our lives, I will stop and close my eyes. I’ll say (sometimes out loud and sometimes in my head), “You are here with me. Face to face. You are right here. I am not alone. Fear is a lie. You love me, and You are here.”

I’ll imagine that He is right on the other side of my closed eyelids. It grounds and steadies me. This practice reminds me of who He is and who I am. It inserts truth into chaotic and stressful moments. 

Try this for yourself. Knowing that you are loved and not alone brings so much peace and clarity. It does take practice though!

These are some of my top tips and points, and this is really what has helped me in this crazy season. My prayer is that it brings you some hope and encouragement if your circumstances are similar to mine in that you are navigating transition and change.

My key takeaway is this: Regardless of your circumstances or what you change and transition looks like, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. You are seen. You are known. Your needs are known. Learn to expect and hope and dream. Trust the Father to be a good Father to you. Watch for the ways He shows up. 

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We're glad you’re here. We are praying for you. If you found this encouraging or helpful, we’d love for you to share it out to your friends and followers. That helps us spread the Gospel even further, and we thank you. 

Blessings to you and yours!