DIY Birchbox Box Storage

I am a huge subscription box fan. I love getting a wonderful box or bag full of goodies on my door step each month. Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription services. Once I have sorted through the goodies, I am always inspired by the left over box. Over the past several months I have had the  boxes just piling up because I cannot for the life of me just throw away a perfectly good box.

So I have decorated them and glammed them up to us in my craft room. Here is how!:

What I used: White Gesso (you could also just use a white paint.); Lace Ribbon; Glitter, Glitter & More Glitter!; Mod Podge (or your favorite glue.); Paint!; Scissors; Paint Brush & Double Sided Tape (pictured but not labelled.

So first, it makes things look nicer if you coat each box with a coat of gesso or white paint. I used gesso.

Next I gave each box a coat of paint. I let this dry completely & then painted in a second coat. If you are going to cover the box in glitter or the lace one coat would probably be enough.

For this box I wanted to cover the lid with the lace ribbon. I used the double stick tape to stick the lace down & then I brushed on some Mod Podge & let that dry.

I wanted one of the boxes to have just a stripe of lace. I used a strip of the double sided tape & then Mod Podged over the whole lid to give it a finished look.

This one is my FAVORITE!!! I painted the box & lid a pale pink. Then I brushed on a layer of Mod Podge and sprinkled on some cheap glitter (1) that I had laying around that I wasn't even really crazy about. After shaking off the extras (2) I immediately sponged on some more Mod Podge (3). I did this is dabbing motions so that I didn't move around any of the first layer of glitter. Then I sprinkled more glitter on top (4) and I let those two coats dry.

I repeated that process on the sides & then I gave the whole thing one more protective coat of Mod Podge. At first I was super unimpressed but once the glue dried it looked sooooooo good! 

I let boxes dry completely, attached some labels & filled them up with things!

They turned out so pretty. I love them! 

If you do this project on your own send me a picture! 

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