DIY - Super Easy Holiday Centerpiece

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Halloween is over and that means, at least for me, that the holiday season is upon us! Dun dun DUNNN. Just kidding. I love this time of year & I love decorating for this time of year, but I am busy. Decorating tends to be something that gets shoved to the back burner. That is what inspired this super easy centerpiece project. Guys it's almost so easy I didn't even share it, but I just love how it turned out so I had to. 

Here's how to DIY this super easy holiday centerpiece!

I started with a bag of pine cones i found in my craft room from last year. You can pick up a bag of these super cheap at any craft store or Walmart or you can be super frugal and go find some free ones in nature. 

I spray painted east of the snow cones with champagne colored spray paint. I just gave each one two coats and let them dry. You could skip this step and pick up a bag of pine cones that are already glittered at Michael's! I didn't see the sparkly cones until after I had created my own. you could also do a color block look by spray painting them vibrant solid colors or brushing on two different colors of acrylic paint.

After they were good an dry I put the gorgeous cones in different hight glass jars. The tallest of these I bought at JoAnn Fabrics. The other two are old candle jars! I have a tutorial on How To Clean Out Old Candle & Food Jars you can check out.

There you have it! So easy! & Quick! I decided to put mine on my mantle over the fire place because I currently have this Easy Floral Centerpiece DIY on my dinning room table. 

Let me know what you think and if you do this project I would love to see pictures of it! Especially if you change up the colors!

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Thank you guys for reading!